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New Student Transition – TEAM LEAD

POSITION TITLE: New Student Transition – TEAM LEAD

UNIT & DEPARTMENT: YU START, Student Success Centre

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time Domestic and Full-time International

NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 1 Summer positions

RATE OF PAY: $17.55/hour

EMPLOYMENT TERM: Summer 2024 (May 1 – Sept 8)

HOURS OF WORK: Summer term = 34 hours per week


The YU START new student transition program is a collaborative program designed to support

new students during their transition to university and help them succeed in their first year. The

overarching goal of the YU START Program is to improve student satisfaction, engagement and

preparedness to successfully begin university studies by providing a planned, coordinated and

integrated set of learning activities and opportunities aimed at developing capacities. The

program includes the YU START Online Enrolment Tutorial, the YU START University 101

Platform, an online Discussion Board and online community (beginning 2021 the online

community will be hosted on the Slack app), and York Orientation Week, an on-campus event

to be hosted the week of September 8, 2024.


Reporting to the YU START program leadership, the New Student Transition Team Lead plays an integral role in the operationalization of the YU START program. In conjunction with the YU START team, the

New Student Transition Team Lead is responsible for coordinating the membership and support of the YU START social media. New Student Transition Team Lead also play a key role in the planning and implementation of the Doors open York during Orientation Week. At the same time, the Transition Team Lead will motivate and act as team lead to a group of 30-40 YU START student leaders, as well as being an effective liaison on behalf of the program with campus stakeholders including Colleges, student governments, orientation chairs, advising units, etc.

New Student Transition Team Leads will need to be comfortable using social media (both in front of and behind the camera), and the successful applicant will be expected to have working knowledge of how to use Canva, Microsoft Office, Photoshop.

In this role you will host and facilitate virtual and an in-person events for incoming York University students and their families. You will be asked to support the YU START leadership program and the successful Transition Team Lead hired will be tasked to work collaboratively with campus stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition for new students from the YU START program to existing Fall/Winter peer mentorship programs. You will also be asked to create and analyse surveys for assessment purposes, as well as manage a detailed program calendar for all upcoming student events.


  • Encourage and support the success of the New Student Transition Team
  • Display leadership
  • Being Punctual
  • Excellent Time-management and organizational skills
  • Warm and friendly personality
  • Show initiative and utilize delegation techniques to make sure that all team tasks are completed
  • To act as a liaison between the New Student Transition Coordinator and all Transition assistants on the team.
  • Develop guides, training documents, and better practices for team success
  • Maintain and organized team workflow schedule
  • Comfortable speaking in front of others


Competencies which the positions will develop include:

  • Having an outgoing personality
  • Professionalism
  • Fluency in English writing
  • Time-management
  • Delivering presentations
  • Leadership
  • Punctuality
  • Tact


▪ Understanding of needs of transitioning students

▪ Facilitation skills

▪ Written and verbal communication skills (English)

▪ Organization skills

▪ Interpersonal skills including tact and diplomacy

▪ Analytical skills

▪ Adaptability

▪ Social Media Skills

▪ Project management skills

▪ Program development skills

▪ Supervision and peer mentoring of others

▪ Working knowledge of and experience with social media platforms

▪ Ability to work independently and demonstrate initiative

▪ Critical thinking skills

▪ Large event planning experience


1. New student transition expertise – Work/study students will be trained on the theory

surrounding a successful new student transition. They will be given ample opportunity

to put that theory into practice as they assist incoming students in their transition online

and in person.

2. Leading and Mentoring – The students will be trained on leadership and mentoring

theory and techniques and will be given many opportunities to apply those theories as

they lead a team of 50-60 YU START Leaders who will be managing the Facebook

communications with incoming students

3. Event planning – The students will have the chance to participate in the planning of York

Orientation Day. They will be exposed to expert event planners and learn to construct

event plans. They will be tasked with planning some elements of the day and with

implementing a great deal of events.

4. Presentation and meeting facilitation – These students will be trained on effective

meeting facilitation and presentation methods. They will have the chance to put that

training to practice as they host a variety of meetings.


• YU START Leader Training

• Peer Leadership Training

• Orientation and Transition Leadership Training

• Joint Training/Digital Training for Summer Peers
• DEDI Training

• Assessment Training

• Difficult Conversations Training

• AODA Training


To apply, please submit:

- Resume

- Cover Letter

- 1000-word essay on one way that you feel York University could improve the transition

process for new and incoming students.

In this short essay please Include an example of a virtual or in-person event that could be held either before or after students physically arrive to York University in September 2024. Please be sure to explain the details of how you would realistically market, promote, and successfully run the event.

Additionally: Please share one previous leadership role that you have held that you feel would best highlight why you would be a good choice for this position.