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Website & Social Media Assistant

POSITION TITLE: Website & Social Media Assistant
ELIGIBILITY: Full-time Domestic and Full-time International. All students must be work/study eligible and must complete the online Student Financial Profile.

The Website & Social Media Assistant is responsible for creating and updating content on websites and social media platforms.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Plan, create and maintain engaging social media content. 
  2. Support the development of social media strategies. 
  3. Update websites with current and accurate information. 
  4. Review and improve website functionality. 
  5. Research existing trends and best practices. 
  6. Assist with the creation of marketing and digital adverting materials. 
  7. Ensure that all content and materials adhere to brand standards. 
  8. Collaborate with staff and faculty to support website and social media initiatives. 
  9. Other duties as assigned. 

Required Skills

  1. Ability to creatively write content to engage an intended audience. 
  2. Ability to use social & digital media to effectively communicate or respond to others. 
  3. Ability to meet deadlines and organize time effectively. 
  4. Ability to update websites and social media platforms. 
  5. Ability to learn and use a variety of computer applications.

What You Will Gain in this Role

  • Opportunity to gain communications and marketing experience.
  • Opportunity to promote student service resources, supports, and programs to current York University students.
  • Opportunity to develop research, planning, writing and editing skills.

Please fill out the Website & Social Media Assistant: Pre-Interview Questionnaire to apply.