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Unlearning Hate - Workshop 2

Portrait image of Rachel Mansell from The Mosaic Institute with square, yellow border

Don't Pass it Down: Dismantling Intergenerational Prejudice

Presented By Rachel Mansell from The Mosaic Institute

Wednesday November 24th, 1-2:30pm

Session description:

We all grow up hearing things from our friends, our family, our community aimed against the ‘other.’ While othering is easy, it can easily lead to prejudicial judgements and often direct or indirect discrimination. In a world where the rhetoric is growingly divisive and hateful, we need to reflect on our behaviours towards our community members, those who are different, those who do not agree with us, those who we are at odds with. This workshop will engage participants in a critical dialogue about the intergenerational prejudices we might carry and ways to tackle them within ourselves and our families.

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About Rachel Mansell

Vice President Operations, The Mosaic Institute

Rachel Mansell is a dynamic, community-focused strategist with a passion for breaking down barriers between people. An equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practitioner with 10 years of progressive experience increasing values of equity and inclusion in both Canada and the UK, Rachel combines subject-matter expertise in human rights and EDI with skills in policy analysis, operations, and project management. Serving as the Mosaic Institute’s Vice President Operations, Rachel applies her unique blend of skills and expertise to solve facilitation, programming, strategic planning, human resources and operational challenges. She is happiest when working closely with her team to advance Mosaic’s mission of equipping people with the tools to dismantle prejudice in their own communities. Rachel speaks English, French, and Spanish. When she isn’t at Mosaic, Rachel enjoys experimenting in her kitchen, raising her puppy, and spending time with family and friends.