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About Us

What is YU-CARE?

YU-CARE, established in 2014, is an organized research unit within York University with a focus on aging research and education. Aging is not the same for everyone. There are diverse experiences, depending on many factors. Where you live, your education, if you live in poverty, how long you have lived in Canada, whether you are a person with a disability, or you have a chronic health condition, and your sexuality, can all affect your experience of aging.

The vision of the Centre is to promote graceful aging by approaching aging with active and positive responses to changes and challenges throughout the aging process on a societal and individual level. Its mission is to contribute to improved health and well-being for older adults by providing interdisciplinary, community-responsive, culturally – relevant aging research focused on optimizing functioning.

Key Objectives

  • Creating new educational opportunities for our students and communities.
  • Supporting and conducting interdisciplinary research that involves a holistic approach to health and wellness, and respects and recognizes cultural diversity.
  • Working towards turning research findings into policy change.
  • Engaging in knowledge mobilization by sharing and exchanging information with the general public and community agencies.
  • Enhancing educational opportunities for professionals working with seniors.


The following topics are but a select sample, representative of areas currently under investigation by YU-CARE members:

  • Care work and conditions of care in long-term residential care.
  • Social factors that impact involvement in physical activity in older adults.
  • Function-focused interventions to improve outcomes during older adult’s hospitalization.
  • Cognitive and neurocognitive aging.
  • Role of bilingualism in dementia prevention.
  • Later life growth, development, health and well-being.
  • Palliative care and aging.
  • Effects of exercise on muscle mass and mitochondrial function with age.
  • Retirement in Canada and income security for older people.
  • Health and health service needs of LGBT older adults.