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Executive Committee

Dr. Andree Ann Cyr

Associate Professor, Psychology, Glendon College

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Dr. Tamara Daly

Dr. Tamara Daly

Director, York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE)

School of Health Policy and Management

Research interests:

Health equity for older adults through interdisciplinary lenses that address aging and long-term care, health and social care policy, formal and informal care systems, conditions of care and care work, and how gender and ethnicity shape access to health and social care.

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Dr. Brad A. Meisner

Dr. Brad A. Meisner

School of Kinesiology and Health Science

Research Interests:

Challenging common misconceptions that ‘normal aging’ is associated with inevitable biological disease, psychological decline, social disengagement, and inactivity.

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Dr. Gary Turner near mountains.

Dr. Gary Turner

Centre Co-Chair, York University Centre for Aging Research and Education (YU-CARE)

Department of Psychology

Research Interests:

The overarching theme of my research involves the translation of cognitive neuroscience research into brain and behaviour-based rehabilitation interventions to enhance higher cognitive (i.e. executive) functioning in healthy aging, acquired brain injury and brain disease - an approach I describe as cognitive rehabilitation neuroscience.

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Dr. Mary Fox sitting outside smiling.

Dr. Mary Fox

School of Nursing

Research interests:

Comprehensive of function-focused interprofessional interventions to improve outcomes during older adults’ hospitalization. Her expertise includes qualitative and quantitative data analysis; systematic reviews; survey and intervention research; bedrest; and the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) model.

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Dr. Rosanna Furgiuele

Department of French Studies, Glendon College

York University Retirees Association (YURA) Representative