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Faculty Members

Full Faculty Members

ResearcherFacultyAging-Related Research
Lora AppelHealth
Christopher ArdernHealth

Identification of sub groups of the population that are at high risk for chronic diseases; the role of lifestyle factors in prediction of cardiometabolic risk.

Michael BazzocchiLassonde
Jacqueline ChoiniereHealth
Andree Ann CyrGlendon
Studies how healthy aging affects our ability to learn and remember new information. Current research examines questions such as: 1) Is information that spurs curiosity more likely to be remembered? Does aging affect how curiosity drives learning?; 2) Is our memory better when we choose what we want to learn about? Do benefits of agency extend to older adults?; 3) How does making mistakes during learning impact memory among younger and older adults
Tamara DalyHealth
Mary FoxHealth
Erez FreudHealth
Liane GinsburgHealth
The focus on my research on Aging is in implementation science.  Much of my work is concerned with the ‘Knowledge to Action’ process and, in particular, developing, examining through mixed methods concurrent process evaluation, and scaling interventions designed to improve care for older adults in residential settings (Nursing Homes).
Roya Haghiri VijehHealthAging and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, migrants, and 2SLGBTQIA+ migrants
Sean Hillier HealthAging, living with HIV and other infectious diseases (ID), and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), all with a concerted focus on policy affecting health care access for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.
Matthias HobenHealth
Jaclyn HurleyHealth
Thomas Klassen LAPSRetirement in Canada. Income security for older people, especially pensions
Judith MacDonnell HealthHealth and health service needs of LGBT older adults
Gail Mitchell HealthQuality of life. Stigma, and dementia. Person-centred dementia care. Knowledge Mobilization through the Arts (drama) about living with dementia). Evaluating person-centred dementia care. Fostering a culture of possibility in dementia care.
Brad MeisnerHealth
Susan MurthaHealth
Norman ParkHealthMemory and aging; cognitive aging.
Malini PersaudHealthQualitative research focused on positive affect and persons living with advanced dementia of the Alzheimer type.
Lauren Sergio Health Skilled movement control in healthy aging and in those at risk for dementia.
Dale Stevens HealthUses a combination of neuropsychological, neuroimaging (e.g., functional MRI), neurostimulation (e.g., transcranial magnetic stimulation), and neurofeedback techniques to study large-scale brain systems and processes that underlie higher-level cognition in humans, how these are affected by healthy aging and neurodevelopmental disorders, and to develop neurointervention strategies to enhance cognitive performance. This research on neurocognitive aging focusses on changes in large-scale functional brain network organization in typical aging, neural mechanisms that underly cognitive reserve, and the development of neurointervention strategies that enhance cognition in older adults using noninvasive brain stimulation and neurofeedback
Hala Tamim HealthEffects of Tai Chi on mental and physical health of older adults. Evaluation of physical activity programs. Adherence and sustainability to physcical activity programs among older adults.
Gary TurnerHealth
Steven WangLassonde
Melody Wiseheart HealthLearning and memory (spacing effect). Executive function and processing speed.
Hannah WongHealthStatistical regression modelling techniques and System Dynamics simulation methodology to study problems important to the long-term care sector. These include issues related to goals of care discussions, advanced directives, and personal support worker job satisfaction.

Associate Members

ResearcherFacultyAging-Related Research
Pat ArmstrongLAPSRe-imagining long-term residential care: An international study in promising practices.
Ellen BialystokHealthCognitive aging. Bilingualism and dementia. Cognitive reserve.
Suzanne CookLAPSReinvention and renewal in later life. The new retirement. Later life growth, development, health and well-being. Lifelong learning. Intergenerational learning and mentoring. Civic engagement, volunteerism and community health.
Norma Sue Fisher-StittFine ArtsDance with older adults: physical, psychological and cognitive benefits. Dance with special populations.
William GageHealthBiomechanics, neuromuscular control of movement, postural control, balance and locomotion, falls in the elderly, stroke rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, knee joint replacement.
Lucy GaglieseHealthPain, cancer. palliative care and aging.
Health education for older people.
Laurence HarrisHealthVision, vestibular system, eye and head movements, perception of motion, psychophysics, multisensory interactions, body representation, orientation in unusual environments.
Denise HenriquesHealthMultisensory integration (vision, proprioception) motor learning, spatial memory, eye-hand coordination in older adults.
David HoodHealthSynthesis and degradation of mitochondria in aging muscle. Effect of exercise on muscle mass and mitochondrial function as we age. 
Christine Jonas-SimpsonHealthIntergenerational learning, relational dementia care and palliative dementia care.
Jennifer KukHealthAging related changes in the relationship between physical activity, obesity diet and health using epidemiological methods.
Gail MitchellHealthQuality of life. Stigma, and dementia. Person-centred dementia care. Knowledge Mobilization through the Arts (drama) about living with dementia). Evaluating person-centred dementia care. Fostering a culture of possibility in dementia care.
Norman ParkHealthMemory and aging; cognitive aging.
Guy ProulxGlendonApplied research in clinical assessments and treatment programs.
Jill RichHealthAssociative memory abilities in normal aging and other aspects of cognitive neuropsychology of aging, particularly memory processing. Cognitive effects of chemotherapy and cancer-related cognitive dysfunction in women, particularly among breast cancer survivors. One focus of this research is on the role of hormonal changes in cognitive changes among postmenopausal cancer patients. Emotional regulation via cognitive reappraisal in relation to cognitive control abilities in healthy older adults.
Josee RivestGlendonFace recognition, shape perception, and visual attention in older adults with visual and cognitive impairments.
Shayna RosenbaumGlendonThe role of the hippocampus and related brain structures in recent and remote memory - Neural representation of spatial memory and cognition - The role of different frontal regions in emotional-cognitive processing.
Anthony ScimèHealthStudying the molecular and cellular basis of stem cells in muscle that become deficient during the aging process.
Frances WilkinsonHealthVision and healthy aging (past work on higher level visual functions; future work more likely to be more qualitative and to address issues around universal design, especially as related to lighting; also lighting and circadian issues as related to health).