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Ongoing Projects

Ongoing major research projects led by YU-CARE members include:

Virtual Reality

These projects evaluate Virtual Reality (VR) usability, safety, and clinical effectiveness for people with various health conditions and in different healthcare settings. Examples include people living with dementia, people with epilepsy, and those in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

These projects are also studying potential benefits of VR in alleviating hospital staff burnout, as well as, for nursing and allied health professional training.

PI: Dr. Lora Appel

Imagining Age- Friendly ‘Communities within Communities’: International Promising Practices

Using two focci: understanding equity, aging and care work in international contexts, and identifying international promising practices and policies to support age- equity and age inclusion. This seven- year SSHRC Partnership Grant has four main themes of investigation: Policies and systems; Environments, designs,                                                         and technologies; Approaches to aging and care relationships; and Condition and equity. This project builds on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ‘Age- Friendly Communities global initiative.

PI: Dr. Tamara Daly