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CURAC - College and University Retiree Associations of Canada

CURAC is the national organization of the postsecondary retirees' associations across Canada.  It speaks for the collective on a variety of public policy issues.  It provides a number of important services to its members, including an annual conference that highlights best practices among its member associations and promotes collaboration. YURA was among the founders of CURAC.  

All retirees should check out the CURAC website to learn about the initiatives in which it is involved and the services and activities it offers to all retiree association members, including members of YURA.

To view the CURAC Later Life Learning Events Calendar, please click here.

To view travel offers available through CURAC's affinity partners, Collette and Trip Merchant, please click here.

New Travel Medical Insurance Offer

CURAC from time-to-time receives promotions from its affinity partners. The attached offer from MEDOC is a sign, we hope, of a return to normalcy, especially for those who like to travel.  The travel medical insurance includes coverage for COVID-related issues and reactions to vaccination.  For details, please click here.

2022 CURAC Virtual Assembly

The video of the CURAC 2022 Virtual Assembly held on May 19th is now available online. Co-hosted this year by the University of British Columbia Emeritus College, University of Victoria Retirees Association and Simon Fraser University Retirees Association, the program focused on "Faces of Wellness and Well-being." Among the distinguished presenters were Dr. John Helliwell, Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson, Dr. Gloria Gutman and Dr. Anne Martin-Matthews. To view the Youtube video of the event, including the presentation of the 2022 CURAC Tribute Awards, please click here.

Anne-Marie Ambert honoured by CURAC

At the 2022 CURAC Virtual Assembly on May 19th, our Anne-Marie Ambert was honoured for her contribution to YURA and to CURAC. Anne-Marie has been the editor of the YURA Newsletter and the Person to Person bulletin since 2011. More…

Retiree Information Sessions from RTO ERO

Many members of CURAC retiree associations have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by RTO ERO.

With more than 80,000 members across Canada, RTO ERO serves as an influential advocate and the largest national provider of non-profit group health insurance for education retirees. Its members come from the broader education community: from the early years, school boards, private schools, post-secondary institutions or any other capacity in education.

For more information about RTO ERO (Retired Teachers of Ontario / Les enseignants retraités de l’Ontario) and the services and activities it offers its 80,000 members, please click here.

CURAC Member list

The Member list has been drawn from the CURAC website, as of June 30,2020.