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Apply to Become a New Member

YURA welcomes as members anyone who has officially retired from any position at York University, whether faculty or non-academic staff. If you missed joining us during your first or any previous years of your retirement, you can still join at any time.

We have recently made changes to the process to complete the registration for membership, with the introduction of electronic transfer for the payment of fees for those who prefer this method.  We do recognize that this is not something that all members will be comfortable using, so returning the New Member Application form with a cheque by the postal service is the second option.

How to complete payment by e-transfer:

Membership registration by e-transfer is a two-step process. YURA has a separate e-mail address that is only used for membership registration: First, e-transfer the membership fee, $25, to according to the instructions below. Second, download the New Membership Form from the link below, fill it out, save it, and then send the saved form to

How to enact an e-transfer: The following instructions have been worded to help first time users.
To complete an e-transfer to, you must first sign up for On-Line Banking. Go to the Web Site of your Bank or Credit Union and follow the instructions to activate On-Line Banking. You will need your Bank Card number and will be asked to create an On-Line Banking Password.

To initiate an Internet e-Transfer: Sign into On-Line Banking and select Transfer - Interac e-Transfer. Next step is to fill in the fields indicating the Name of the Recipient (YURA) and e-mail address of the Recipient ( Add the amount ($25.00) and select your account from which it is to be drawn. YURA has 'auto deposit' in place, so for most YURA members there should be no need to enter a Security Question and Answer. HOWEVER, some smaller financial institutions (e.g. Alterna Savings, Tangerine, etc.) still require a security question and answer. IF YOU ARE USING ONE OF THESE INSTITUTIONS, please use: Question: University name? Answer: York. After you have input this, your transfer will auto deposit.

IMPORTANT! Remember to also send a completed New Membership Form to so that we can finalize your registration. Although we ask retirees to register their YURA membership by August 15th each year, you may become a new member or renew at any time. The membership year expires at September 30th with the new membership year commencing October 1st.

2023-24 YURA New Membership Form

How to complete New Membership registration by cheque:

To register for YURA membership by cheque, please complete the New Membership Form (click the link above), print it and mail it with your cheque for $25 payable to YURA to the following address:

York University Retirees' Association, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3.

Although we ask retirees to register their YURA membership by August 15th each year, you may become a new member or renew at any time. The membership year expires at September 30th with the new membership year commencing October 1st.

Parking Passes:

A HONK code for complimentary parking will be e-mailed to you, if you have requested this on your membership renewal form. (Unfortunately, a code cannot be issued to you in person.) Please note that the parking code for 2023-24 will NOT be active before October 1, 2023. Instructions for the use of the HONK complimentary parking code will be included with the membership confirmation that is sent to you.


  1. Required along with your payment is the completed Membership Form, whether you register by mail or e-mail. Without the form, we are unable to know details of your level of interest in YURA involvements nor whether you requested a complimentary parking code.  So please, to avoid confusion and delays, remember to submit your form! It is a fillable PDF, so once you've filled it in, just save it on your computer and then e-mail it to us an attachment. If you are renewing by regular mail, please print the form and send it to the address indicated above.

  2. Confirmations of membership renewal are being sent by e-mail.

  3. YURA does not issue a membership card, per se. The YU-Card has become the official identification card for all York University members, including retirees. The YU-Card is needed for library privileges, to apply for campus recreational/fitness membership, to serve as photo ID for privileges at other universities and it can be used as a debit card for use at campus retail outlets. To obtain or renew a YU-Card, government-issued photo ID and your Employee Number are required. Please visit or the YU-Card Office, 222 William Small Centre, 416-736-5674.