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GreenG0: A Rideshare Footprint Tracker


Project Summary

How environmentally friendly is ridesharing? How can ridesharing programs function at their very best for the environment? Because of these questions, GreenGo was born. The goal of our project aims to convey the environmental impact of ridesharing to its users as well as the organizations that are hosting these programs for their communities. This is accomplished through environmental engagement with users on the application platform using a fun and rewarding approach such as badges of achievements and impact assessments of the program being conducted at the organizational level. The project will help users to connect the idea of environmental sustainability with carpooling, support organizations’ goals of reducing their carbon emissions and support wide adoption of this alternative transportation method. Ridesharing will be the next step of the journey as society makes its way into a cleaner future.

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Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
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