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Feminist Digital Methods Virtual Lab (Drop-in)

The Feminist Digital Methods Drop-in Virtual Lab is an informal space to:

- Chat & network with Feminist Digital Methods practitioners and learners- Discuss Feminist Digital Methods projects and ideas

The idea for this lab emerges from the 26 May 2022 Feminist Digital Methods Informal Chat & Meet n' Greet.

This Drop-in Virtual Lab is part of the Feminist Digital Methods Events & Conference, which centres early career scholars and aims to foster communities of practice around feminist digital methods by creating intentional space for dialogues, knowledge sharing, workshops, project showcases, and presentations. We also aim to engage topics of feminist ethics, digital tools and infrastructure, feminist digital pedagogies, knowledge mobilization, social media, and online work, performance, and presence.


Jul 07 2022


7:00 am - 7:00 am
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