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Student Opportunity W23 – Experiential Learning in Global Health II Research Assistant

Student Opportunity W23 – Experiential Learning in Global Health II Research Assistant


Published on December 15, 2022

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Experiential Learning in Global Health II Research Assistant

Hourly wage: $17 per hour

Hours per week: 6 hours per week

Start date: January 9, 2023

End date: April 27, 2023

Job description

Under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Firas Khalid and Dr. A.M. Viens, the Experiential Learning in Global Health II Research Assistant (RAY program, 6 hours per week) will support pedagogical research and program development of simulation-based experiential learning initiatives and materials for global health, especially around global heath governance. The RA/global health intern will support the research, design, and implementation of experiential learning in global health through the use of simulations, such as a Model WHO. The development of simulation-based learning is a form of experiential learning that provides learners the opportunity to apply their knowledge, understanding, and skills in a realistic and hands-on real-world environment.

Specific research activities the student(s) will be engaged in:

• Conducting research materials search, compilation, and synthesis
• Creating and managing database of relevant research and educational materials
• Draft summary documents outlining key research findings and project design elements
• Support the design and implementation of global health simulations
• Support simulation learning objectives/outcomes
• Support the development of a simulation-based experiential learning faculty toolkit
• Support the development of a simulation facilitator training manual
• Participation in regular project team meetings
• Assist in the promotion of the simulations to fellow students using various outlets
• Brainstorm engaging marketing tools of the simulations on the School’s website
• Providing administrative support as required

Type of research experience the student(s) will receive:

• Understanding of the research process, especially translating research into improving practice
• Learning how to be a good team member
• Engaging in networking opportunities with other students and faculty members
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Hands-on experience with project development and management
• Honing of research-based communication and organization skills

Type of training and support that will be provided to the student(s) in carrying out these research activities:

• Subject matter training on global health, including experiential education
• Methodological training around searching, compiling, and synthesizing research materials
• Regular meetings with supervising faculty members
• Experience contributing to collaborative research projects and project management


• Current undergraduate York student
• Demonstrated interest in issues of global health
• Demonstrated research skills and experience (e.g., conducting literature reviews)
• Excellent communication skills (e.g., professional email/phone correspondence, presentation proficiency)
• Excellent computer skills (word processing, email, spreadsheets, social media)
• Demonstrated eagerness to learn and take on initiative
• Demonstrated organizational and time management skills
• Ability and willingness to work both independently and as part of a team with researchers, students, and other team members

Application materials

  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Deadline: Thursday, January 5, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET


Global Health & Humanitarianism, Global Health Foresighting, Planetary Health


Alum, Concluded

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