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Amrita Daftary, PhD

Amrita Daftary, PhD

Amrita Daftary, PhD

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Amrita Daftary is Assistant Professor of Global Health at the School of Health Policy & Management, York University, and Director of the Social Science & Health Innovations for Tuberculosis Centre (SSHIFTB). Amrita is a social-behavioural health researcher with expertise in qualitative methods. She studies health care behaviours and care giving practices for tuberculosis (TB), and the social structure of TB programmes to guide interventions and related policy responses. She is particularly interested in adherence to treatment, quality of care, and stigma mitigation in drug-resistant TB and TB-HIV co-morbidity. Most of Amrita’s research is situated in South Africa and India.


Global Health Foresighting


Critical Problem-Solving, Design, Infectious Disease





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