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Linking action agendas to the post-2020 global biodiversity framework

Linking action agendas to the post-2020 global biodiversity framework


Published on February 2, 2020

February 2020

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In December 2019, the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD) issued a call for submissions. The UNCBD sought recommendations on particular targets, indicators and baselines related to the drivers of biodiversity loss. These recommendations would shape a post-2020 global biodiversity framework to develop the 2050 Vision of “Living in harmony with nature.”

UNCBD accepted the recommendations put forward by Synergies of Planetary Health Research Initiative, housed at the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research.


Recommendations put forward by the Synergies of Planetary Health Research Initiative to the UN include:

  • Strengthening synergies across action agendas: Stronger links present opportunities to accelerate positive feedback loops for transformative actions, and will be crucial to bolster a new relationship between nature and people.
  • Tracking actions’ output performance: Compatible tracking can promote efficient comparative analyses across action agendas, with mutual benefits both for biodiversity and climate change. It will also help enable mutual support through sharing knowledge and experience, supporting efficient comparison of data and knowledge gaps.
  • Enabling location actions and addressing geographic imbalances: Initiatives by local and non-Party stakeholders can help strengthen regional biodiversity actions by a multiplicity of actors, e.g., Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.
  • Supporting actions with high ambition for adaption and resilience against the impacts of biodiversity loss and climate change and threats to sustainable development.


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