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ELLA Altitude

You’ve been in business for some time now, know your customers inside and out and can see high potential for your business in markets you haven’t been able to reach yet. Now it’s time to set out a robust plan for growth and increase your capacity to scale. Read on to find out how ELLA Altitude can help ensure you have a solid foundation to build on.

Take your business to new heights

Build the plan you need to scale your business rapidly.

ELLA Altitude is a 4-month accelerator program designed for women entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the world stage.

You’ve made it this far, now get access to the expert advice you need to fast-track your learning and accelerate your growth.

What you’ll receive as a program participant in ELLA Altitude:

Individualized Expert Advice

Get advice that’s tailored to your specific business needs through a variety of program elements.

Do you want clear, experienced advice tailored to your business needs and aspirations? ELLA Altitude offers bi-weekly, one-on-one meetings with an EIR for the duration of the 4-month program. You’ll be matched with an expert that has been in your shoes and has gone where you intend to go. Reach new heights with individualized guidance.

Do you need help from an expert to help you solve a specific problem or deliver on a specific project? You’ll have the opportunity to hire a seasoned professional to help you overcome specific obstacles and have the cost subsidized by ELLA.

Looking for valuable insights from industry experts? Get connected for an individualized conversation with one of our many Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Our growing list of SMEs cover a range of essential topics including strategic hiring, market expansion, and more.

In a facilitated peer-to-peer mentoring group you can brainstorm, ask for input, and offer advice at every step of building your plan. You are not alone on this journey and will have ample opportunity to learn from your peers and work together to create solutions to any challenges that come your way.

Developed by industry leaders for growing organizations, our leadership workshops will help you learn how to operationalize your goals as well as what it takes to build a strong team. We help you to avoid common pitfalls that other companies have made in the past, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Step-by-step Strategic Plan

Through the program, you’ll get access to the expertise you need to develop your growth plan for expansion. You will also be held accountable with progressive milestones and bi-weekly progress check-ins.

“My EIR really dove in to help tackle the pain points I was facing in the company, including helping step by step on solutions to implement for my financial literacy.” 

— ELLA Altitude 2020 Alum

A Network of Industry Professionals

Gain access to curated networking opportunities with a vast portfolio of professionals. Grow your network of contacts for present and future needs so you always have somewhere to turn for reliable answers. Connect with peers to broaden your scope of resources even further and build on this valuable asset for years to come.

You are eligible to apply for ELLA Altitude if:

  • You are a woman entrepreneur with at least 50% ownership of an incorporated business or a registered non-profit or social enterprise, and you are working full-time on your venture
  • Your business earns at least $250,000 in revenues annually*
  • You have significant traction in your industry and are ready to scale nationally or internationally within one year
  • Your business is located in Southwestern Ontario
  • You are open to change, looking to step out of your comfort zone and willing to give back to the ELLA community in some way

*special considerations made for non-profit organizations and social enterprises

Mastermind/Peer Support Sessions

Gain the support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs!

“The sessions feel very intimate and allow us to focus, not just on challenges in the business, but also those events in our personal lives that are impacting our day to day.”

ELLA Altitude 2020 Alum

Program Timeline

July 6, 2020

Applications open

August 9, 2020

Applications close

September 8, 2020

Successful candidates notified

October 1, 2020

ELLA Altitude orientation & launch

(Winter Holiday Program Break - 2 Weeks)

February 5, 2021

ELLA Altitude completion

Please note that applications for ELLA Altitude 2020 are now closed. To learn about future cohorts, please subscribe to our newsletter.

If ELLA Altitude is not the right fit for you, please check out ELLA Ascend programming. Get access to the same vast community of experts and entrepreneurs to help scale your business and find the learning & resources tailored to your needs.

ELLA is for everyone

ELLA is committed to building a diverse program and supporting:

Women of different racial or ethnic backgrounds

Indigenous Peoples

Women of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity

Differently-abled and/or neuro-diverse women

Immigrants and newcomers

Underrepresented age groups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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