Vision Greens and YU Eats

Vision Greens and YU Eats

YU Eats is proud to announce its partnership with Vision Greens on campus to provide sustainable produce to its customers. This partnership is a result of YU Eats' commitment to promoting healthy and environmentally-friendly food options.

Vision Greens was founded in 2019 in Welland, Ontario and was the first vertical farm to grow leafy greens. Vertical farming is a method that allows for the cultivation of crops in vertically-stacked layers using minimal water and energy. This innovative farming technique not only ensures a steady supply of fresh produce but also mitigates the negative environmental impacts of traditional farming methods. In addition to promoting sustainability, this partnership means that YU Eats customers will have access to the freshest and healthiest produce possible, further enhancing the dining experience.

Benefits of Vision Greens’ vertical farming:

  • Locally Grown in Ontario, certified Non-GMO and Foodland organic
  • Pesticide, herbicide and fungicide free.
  • 96% less land usage (2,000 sq ft of vertical farming is equivalent to 12.5 acres of farmland).
  • 96% less water usage than a typical crop farm. Water is filtered and recycled for reuse.
  • 92% less food kilometres travelled, making the greens more nutrient dense and sustainable than the average greens imported into Canada.
  • 70% lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional farms

Vision Greens is currently available at Glendon campus with exciting plans to expand offerings further.