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ACES: Athlete COVID Experiences Survey

What’s this project about?

The current pandemic situation has understandably changed so much, including sport participation, and it is crucial to better understand athlete and family experiences during this time. We partnered with Special Olympics Canada to conduct this research to learn about athlete and family well-being, involvement in Special Olympics, and the kinds of supports they need now and in the future – in and out of sport. The ACES Study aims to inform how to program for athlete and family support during and following the pandemic, including how to promote retention and re-engagement, which will help to create an evidence-informed strategy that increases access to sport for all Canadians with intellectual disability.

What does participation involve?

Parents/caregivers complete an online questionnaire that assesses the pandemic’s impact on athletes and their family, involvement in Special Olympics, how their family handles stressors, as well as athlete and family well-being.

Who can be involved?

We are looking for parents and caregivers of Special Olympics Canada athletes (ages 12+).

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What is the next step?

If you are interested in participating, click here:

Want to know more about this project?

For more information, please contact Teresa Sellitto at, or Dr. Jonathan Weiss, Principal Investigator on the study, at

This project is funded by Special Olympics Canada.