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Research Staff

Nicole Eddy

I am the lab coordinator for the DDMH Lab. Being involved in this lab allows me to engage in compelling research on neurodevelopmental disabilities and build upon my clinical experience. I am extremely passionate about autism-based research, specifically focused on self-acceptance, mental well-being, and social/familial support.

Max Cooper
Max Cooper

I am a research assistant with the DDMH lab, as well as a 4th year Specialized Honours student with broad interests in psychotherapy process and outcome research. As a member of this lab, I am learning more about cognitive-behavioural and other interventions for youth with developmental disabilities. 

Camrie Kerry
Jessica Cuciurean
Cas Dempsey

I am a research assistant with the DDMH lab and a 3rd year Social Work student at York University. I previously completed my BSc in psychology at York as well. As an autistic person, I have a broad interest in understanding and facilitating thriving in the autistic community. Being a member of this lab has allowed me to learn more about how to conceptualize well-being and thriving for autistic people. 


  • Diana Pombo
  • Yasmeen Aldouri