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Exploring the Service Experiences of Autistic Women and their Families

What’s this project about?

Past research has shown that many autistic people and their families do not receive the services and supports that they need. However, most of the research to date focuses on the experiences of young autistic; we know very little about autistic women and their families. We want to better understand how services can best meet the needs of autistic women and their families.

How did we go about doing this project?

Autistic women (18 years old and older) and/or their family caregivers went to York University to participate in small discussion groups. We asked questions about what services participants use, what services they need, and what could be done to improve their service experiences. The participation time was approximately 1.5 hours. All participants received a $50 gift card.

Who was involved?

Women (18 years and older) with a formal diagnosis of autism who were able to participate independently in group discussions participated. We also looked for family caregivers of autistic women to participate in separate group discussions.


Tint, A., & Weiss, J. A. (2016, June). “You Sometimes Just Don’t Fit the Cookie Cutter Definition”Exploring the Service Experiences of Women with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Poster presented to the Canadian Psychological Association 77th Annual Convention, Victoria, BC.

Want to know more about this project?

For more information, please feel free to contact Dr. Jonathan Weiss, Principal Investigator on the study, at