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ESL Café

You are invited to join our ESL Café where you can discuss interesting topics designed by the OLC facilitators to practice your oral communication skills. These sessions are great for those wishing to improve their critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to engage in academic discussion or debate in the context of a class or group project where they need to have their voice heard. This ESL Cafe session provides students opportunities to engage in guided academic discussions and debates covering a range of thematic topics. Each session is separated into three types of speaking activity, namely: interpersonal communication, timed argumentative mini-debates, and critical discussions regarding abstract concepts and ideas. These sessions are designed to provide ample time for oral production and practice.

Winter 2022 ESL Café Topics:

Week 1: Dec. 20. Our first days in Canada: what is culture shock and how to deal with it
Week 2: Dec. 27. Our learning process: what we are learning and how we do it
Week 3: Feb. 3. Our new Canadian home: who lives here and what multiculturalism is
Week 4: Feb. 10. Our daily lives: what we experience as students, and how we balance our studies and health
Week 5: Feb. 17. Our feelings: how we feel about our daily lives, and how we manage emotional well-being
Week 6: Mar. 3. Our social environment: what creates a sense of community, and how we cultivate feelings of belonging
Week 7: Mar. 10. Our mental state: how we think, what we think about, and how we manage mental health and well-being
Week 8: Mar 17. Our artistic selves: how we explore our own creativity, and what we do to develop our own artistic expression
Week 9: Mar. 24. Our environments: where we live, work and play, and how we are affected by these environments
Week 10: Mar. 31. Our food: what we eat, and how we eat and cook it
Week 11: April 14. Our friendships: who we spend time with and learn from, and how we make new ones

Thursdays, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Follow these steps to participate in the session:

  • If already registered, sign into our online system using the button below.
  • Enter your credentials, and then select the "OLC Language Facilitation" from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen.
  • Browse through the OLC schedule and select an open slot with one of our facilitators.

The OLC allows me to get in touch and network with highly educated staff who patiently guide, assist and support me in the academic context at York U.

— Amir Lajevardi

The tutor who offered me assignment help is really responsible and professional. I was taught how to analyze the required instructions of the assignment and how to structure my essay in a coherent way.

— Joyce Xiaoying Yang

The OLC facilitators helped me a lot with my annotated bibliography assignment. They were very nice and patient and encouraged me to express myself.

— Dongnia Lin

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