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We know that you have many interesting experiences and insights to share. We encourage you to write and share your stories through our Story Hub platform. This is a way for you to connect with the York University community and practice your English language learning skills.

To submit your stories please complete the submission form. We will review your story and upload it to the Story Hub once we approve it.

You may publish your story anonymously if you don't wish to be identified.

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Fangyi Zhao

Nikolai took a train from Moscow to Berlin to study performing arts. His landlady Ms Schmidt, an elderly woman from a Russian-German household, had a story to tell.Some promises are just too hard to keep.

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Pulling an Endless Thread From a Bottomless Well

Bilal Afsin

This is a story of an international graduate student at York. The student is now approaching the end of his PhD, and metaphorically defines this ongoing process as pulling an endless thread from a bottomless well.

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Welcome to Canada

Tahira Tahira

This story is about a small family who landed in Canada in the middle of the very extreme cold weather which which is Feb 8th, 2017.The interesting fact about the story is that it is based on a real story of this family ( a mother with her two beautiful children). Like so many other ...

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Life After Jail

Haoran Zhou

Miller's tough life after he came out from the jail.

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Where we belong

Ahsen Ayan

The place I was born in is not exactly welcoming anymore for me. Turns out a home is a luxury. And sometimes, finding out where you belong takes some effort.

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Truro life

Zijiu Cui

My first taste of this extraordinary life was when I was 16 years old, Ichose a public high school in Truro, a town of Halifax to spend a yearabroad. With the different language and culture, I have grown a lot.Coming to Canada is an important beyond my understanding of foreignlife. However, life forced me to ...

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The rat's head

Qingyang Liang

“We are making a forced landing. Please fasten your seat belts!” the captain ofthe airplane shouted.

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Experience of migration

Yumeng Niu

The story describes a boy comes to Canada and studies as an immigrate student.

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Wentu Ma

Juliana immigrate to Canada because no one like her in her home country, but she is still somewhat unpopular in Canada due to her unpleasingly talking....

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What Is Real

Xinghan Liu

“Are you crazy?”“No, you’re crazy.”

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A cold day

Guochuang Zong

Students who spent their time on Spring festival overseas.

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Revise Story: This is Life of Immigration

Zhuolin Chen

Abbie and her mother immigrated to America from their Irish Jewish family. Today she had a quarrel with her mother Zarah. Abbie was lost in thought......

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Being Alone

This is a story about the first time of going abroad of an international student named Cecilia. It tells how she deals with the maladjustment of going to a totally new place.

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Boying Li

Lee has been in Canada alone for four years. Years of independent life sometimes made her feel lonely, but Lee thanked them for making her stronger.

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The Bits and Bobs of Frustrated Thoughts

Yuliya Chepiga

This story provides a peek in my memories when I used to spend my summers at my grandparents' farm.

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Stay or Leave

Licheng Shen

The culture shock shakes a new student's heart

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My Father's New Life in Germany

Tianyi Dong

A story about my father's new life in Germany.

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The Immigration story of Guoqiang Chen

Guobin Dong

Guoqiang Chen and his family immigrated to Canada in the late twenty-century from Guang Dong, China, and during the initial years, they actually had a really tough time because of the exotic life, which is quite different from that they had in China. The hard life did not overwhelm them, but instead, made them stronger. ...

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A Story of Immigration

Yedan Lu

The story tells us the process of Wang and his family's immigration. Wang as an outstanding talent was sent to Antwerp in Belgium to pursue a PhD. He achieved the chance to teach in the university in Brazil with the acquaintance support. Meanwhile, he applied for Canadian immigration, which was approved after less than half ...

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