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Our Policies

All guests must follow guidelines while visiting the MLC. Learn about our policies below.

Can I eat and/or drink in the MLC?

With the exception of capped water bottles, food and drink are not allowed in the labs.

Is the MLC a silent study space?

We ask that you keep noise to a minimum while in the MLC. If you are listening to audio, you must use headphones and they must be kept at a volume that is not audible to other users.

We also request that students refrain from speaking on mobile phones in our computer lab. However, you can text (with notifications on silent), check voicemails, browse the web, etc. on your phone. Use of audio content must be used with headphones. Please respect others’ use of the lab for work and study.

Can I log onto MLC computers with another student's account?

No. Students are prohibited from misrepresenting themselves as another user.

Can I add programs to an MLC computer?

No. Do not attempt to install software on any lab computer. Guests shall not use any software obtained illegally, or not properly licensed for our systems. Tampering with computer hardware or cabling is also prohibited. If you detect hardware problems, report it to a Lab Monitor, Lab Coordinator, or by e-mail to:

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Please note: The MLC is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of personal items. Students are solely responsible for the safety of their property.

If you have lost anything in the MLC and it was turned in, visit Ross S107 and ask for help. If you find something left behind by another user, please take it to the MLC Services Coordinator at our front desk for it to be sent to the lost and found office at Ross S107.