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Teaching Labs

Professors can use our teaching labs to guide students through interactive group lessons, set up writing workshops with peer editing, and introduce cultural activities with web support. All students enrolled in courses through the Department of French Studies and the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics are now automatically given access to our facilities.

The MLC has three teaching labs located in rooms South 117D, South 117E and North 119 of the Ross building. Each lab is equipped with a teaching desktop, wall whiteboards, projectors, and workstations. Each workstation has a desktop, a headset and a webcam.

The MLC has recently acquired double-sided individual whiteboards (9” x 12”) and erasable markers for the teaching labs. The individual whiteboards are great for professors and students to play interactive language activities and games.


  • Ross Building South 117D: 32 workstations (closed)
  • Ross Building South 117E: 32 workstations (closed)
  • Ross Building North 119: 30 seats, with 7 workstations

Instructors are welcome to book the computer labs on the second floor of the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB).

Booking Procedures

To reserve Ross North 119 or a computer lab in the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building (DB), please email