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Along with the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics and the Department of French Studies, the Multimedia Language Centre runs programs and activities to supports students in efforts to build and refine their skills in several languages, and learn about their corresponding cultures. Stay tuned to our calendar for important details and registration information on these virtual and in-person events.

MLC Language Learning Workshop Series

Want to learn a language more efficiently and have more fun? Wonder what professors advise about language learning? Want to know tips and tricks from your peers? Want to meet other language students?

Language Learning Workshop Series will feature the following topics about language learning:

  • tips, tricks, strategies and methods;
  • tools and apps;
  • academic studies;
  • technological innovations;
  • experiences, reflections, thoughts and philosophy.

Workshops usually last for one hour and are hosted by 3-4 people. Some workshops will be led by professors who teach language or linguistics; some by students; some by both professors and students collaboratively.

Each workshop will provide worksheets for you to take home and start practicing on your own. The workshops are also open forums for all attendees to share their thoughts and ideas about language learning.