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Vendors of Record

Strategic Procurement Services negotiates various Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements on behalf of York University. VOR contracts are typically selected through a competitive bid process and are for a defined period, with set terms and conditions.

Why Use a VOR?

VOR contract arrangements are established to reduce the costs and processes associated with repetitive sourcing and quote solicitation through longer term arrangements. At a minimum these contracts would include:

  • term of the contract and opportunity to extend based on vendor performance
  • fixed pricing
  • service or maintenance commitments
  • insurance coverage and any other requirement related to risk mitigation

Internal community members are required to purchase goods and services from a VOR if the University has an established contract.

Pan University VOR's

To view our list of pan university vendors you must have a York Passport York account.

Facilities Services VOR's

Strategic Procurement Services has negotiated contracts with a wide range of vendors used specifically by Facilities Services. Learn who these vendors are and how the York community can access them.

How to Do Business with York

York engages its vendors in accordance with public policy and provincial requirements. Calls for competitive procurement is done through electronic tendering systems equally accessible to all Canadian vendors.

Vendor Evaluation

Strategic Procurement Services is continuously developing, negotiating and implementing university-wide standing agreements to leverage institutional spending. Your feedback regarding vendors is very important and valuable to us. Please complete a simple Vendor Evaluation Survey and let us know about your relationship and/or experiences with a particular vendor.

Strategic Procurement Services will use this information to gauge vendor performance and ensure that the best-suited vendors offer the optimal price and service to the York University community.

Requires a Passport York Account

General Credit and Reference Information

In some instances credit verification may be required. York University's policy for managing credit reference requests from third parties is to provide specific information to assist those inquirers in conducting their own credit verification.