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Purchase Goods and Services

The appropriate purchasing channel will depend on the value of the purchase, the type of vendor, and the availability of a PCard. Purchasing channels are designed to make it as easy as possible to purchase goods while managing risk and meeting our legal and compliance requirements. For instructions on how to purchase goods at York, select the appropriate purchasing channel below.

Your item may be available in Sm@rtBuy or from a Vendor of Record (VOR).


Purchase goods directly from the Sm@rtBuy catalogue. For more information on Sm@rtBuy and how to complete purchases, please refer to the Sm@rtBuy page.


REMINDER: Where services are being provided by an individual (that is self-employed, a sole proprietor, operating through an incorporated entity or other) an Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ) must be completed, signed by the independent contractor and sent for approval to for each new engagement. For more information about the requirement to complete an ICQ please refer to the Employee/Employer vs. Independent Contractor Guideline.

Effective April 1, 2024, the University is required to comply with the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act. BOBIA requires the University to give preference to Ontario Businesses in certain procurements. Purchases from non-Ontario businesses will be permitted with appropriate justification; new evaluation processes, documentation requirements, and reporting obligations will apply. See the Strategic Procurement page on BOBIA compliance for more information.

Where possible purchases outside Sm@rtBuy should be made using a PCard. For purchases of goods made without a PCard, please submit the proper documentation to Accounts Payable for processing.

Paying for Services from a Contractor valued up to $25K can be done with or without a PCard. In some circumstances, purchases may not be possible. In these cases, services can be purchased and an invoice sent to York.

Purchases between $25K and $50K require a greater level of scrutiny to ensure that the University obtains fair market value. This requires the solicitation of three quotes. This is applicable to the purchase of goods, services from a contractor or consultant, and the purchase of hazardous goods.

Purchases over $50K are typically complex and need to follow a competitive bid process. This is applicable to the purchase of goods, and services from a contractor or consultant.


An Employee is any service provider that is currently employed by York (casual, part time, full time) or that has been employed by York in the past six months (casual, part time, full time).

A Student is any service provider that is currently enrolled at York (part time or full time, research or coursework) or that has been enrolled at York in the past six months (part time or full time, research or coursework).

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