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What is Sm@rtBuy?

Sm@rtBuy is York’s on-line procurement system that streamlines purchasing, allowing for significant time savings for everyone currently involved in purchasing for operational or departmental needs.

It is a web-based integrated marketplace which provides an easy-to-use shopping style cart environment for York Faculty and Staff, similar to regular online shopping.

Why use Sm@rtBuy?


  • Allows for the following purchases:
    • Catalogue – quick shop/ship items with preferred suppliers
    • non-Catalogue – goods or services not available in supplier Catalogues
  • Provides greater transparency and visibility into purchase orders through the platform, as well as access to related documents (i.e. invoice).
  • Provides automated routing and approval process consistent with the Signing Authority Register.
  • Allows for price comparison between supplier catalogues, making it easier for shoppers to find, compare and select products.
  • Single sign-on, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords for different supplier website logins.


  • Lower Prices: York will be better placed to leverage improved pricing by maximizing our relationships with preferred vendors in Sm@rtBuy.
  • Accessible: Sm@rtBuy is accessible, accessible from any computer anywhere the internet connects you.
  • Comparison Shopping: Allows Shoppers to browse and compare products from the most current supplier Catalogue that reflects pre-negotiated pricing.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Sm@rtbuy is a paperless process, it helps reduce our carbon footprint.

What can I order on Sm@rtBuy?

Sm@rtBuy hosts all kinds of suppliers - from office and lab supplies, to on-campus food vendors, and computer equipment. Login to Sm@rtBuy to see a full list, or take a look at York's Pan-University VORs.