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Purchase Goods or Services in Sm@rtBuy

Sm@rtBuy is York University's online marketplace that provides users with a one-stop-shop to save time and money when making purchases. Our Sm@rtBuy vendors provide a wide range of goods and services and offer competitive pricing and discounts to our community members.

Two types of purchases can be made in Sm@rtBuy:

(1) Catalogue purchase, any item listed for sale in Sm@rtBuy (the Sm@rtBuy Catalogue); or

(2) Non-Catalogue purchase, any item sold by a Sm@rtBuy Vendor, but not listed for sale in Sm@rtBuy (the Sm@rtBuy Catalogue).

To purchase goods or services in Sm@rtBuy follow the steps below.


Catalogue items: Search for the item(s) you wish to purchase and add them to your cart.

Non-catalogue items: Complete a Non-catalogue form in Sm@rtBuy.

More information about how to purchase in Sm@rtBuy including training, workflows and FAQs can be found on the Sm@rtBuy website.


Your purchase will automatically move into the appropriate workflow for approval.

Once approved, a Purchase Order will automatically be issued to the Vendor.


For purchases valued over $5,000, you will need to "receive" the goods in Sm@rtBuy before the invoice can be paid.

In most cases an electronic invoice will be sent directly to Accounts Payable via Sm@rtBuy.

If you receive a 'hard copy' Sm@rtBuy invoice, forward it to Accounts Payable (

Tip: Sm@rtBuy invoices and Purchase Orders can be identified because the invoice number starts with I000 and the Purchase Order number starts with a "P".

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