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Applying for a PCard

Do I need a PCard?

You may need a PCard if you are responsible for purchasing low value goods and services on behalf of your department/unit, or if the University has established this purchasing method as a buy/pay option for goods and services under contract (Vendor of Record) or other approved circumstances.

Am I eligible to apply for a PCard?

To be eligible for the PCard, you must be a permanent, full time/part time employee of the University with responsibility for purchasing goods and services. Typically, the PCard is issued to an individual who holds an administrative position. PCards may be issued to academic staff on a case-by-case basis and only with the support of the faculty dean or faculty executive officer, and approval of the director, Procurement Services.

How to Apply

Written consent from your hierarchical supervisor (typically, department head, faculty dean, executive officer, or finance officer) must be obtained in order to apply for the PCard. Your hierarchical supervisor will serve as the transaction approver and be responsible for financial oversight of your PCard. To apply:

  1. Complete the PCard Participant Application & Agreement form (PDF).
  2. Print, read and sign both the Cardholder Profile Application and the PCard Participant Agreement "Cardholder Acknowledgement".
  3. Obtain the signature of the department/unit PCard coordinator (if applicable, and the transaction approver).
  4. Forward the completed form to Procurement Operations, (
  5. Attend the mandatory monthly training session to receive your PCard.

When there is a change of transaction approver or PCard coordinator a new Purchasing Card Participant Agreement must be completed, including all necessary approval signatures and submitted to Procurement Services.