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Purchasing Card (PCard) Program

The PCard is used solely for the procurement of goods and services that are required to conduct York University business, and is a convenient and efficient method of acquiring low value goods and services directly from vendors, thereby expediting vendor payment.

Inappropriate use of the PCard is treated very seriously as cardholders are expected to act with strict prudence and professionalism with respect to its use. Misuse could result in the immediate and irrevocable forfeiture of the PCard and/or disciplinary action.

Participants of the PCard Program have predefined roles and responsibilities that they agree to when they apply for a York University Purchasing Card.

About the PCard Program

PCard Guidelines

Understand the intent of the program and your responsibilities. 

PCard Principles

Know what you are agreeing to when you apply for a PCard.

Roles & Responsibilities

Whether a cardholder, coordinator or approver, know your responsibilities.

Applying for a Card

Understand who and how to apply for a PCard.

Spending Limits

Understand your spending limits and what items can't be bought on a PCard. 

Monthly Reconciliation

Understand why monthly reconciliation is important and how to do it correctly. 

US Bank Access Online

Learn how to login to US Bank Access Online and work with their system.

Returning or Cancelling a Card

Know when and how to cancel a PCard.