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Try a little research for lunch

Try a little research for lunch

York's Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies will celebrate research with a week-long program of midday events starting Monday and continuing through Thursday.

Organized by the Faculty's Committee on Research Policy & Planning, the celebration comprises four themed presentations from noon to 1:30pm daily. Scheduled venues include the Senate Chamber, Scott Library Atrium and the York Research Tower.

On Monday, the week begins with "Ideas at Work: Special Research Team Edition" in the Senate Chamber, 9th Floor, North Ross Building. Learning to work with each other is an important learning outcome in university education. In "Ideas at Work", students will discuss how their research can advance knowledge, how their collaborations work and what they are learning from the collaborative research experience.

Presentations by 11 York undergraduates include topics such as the Stanford prison experiment of 1971, a look at the two Canadas through cheese production, supply chain economics and the environment, corporate tax cuts, and pornography and personal narratives.

Tuesday's presentations feature a series of one-minute lectures titled "Instant Knowledge Transfers" by LA&PS Faculty members in the Scott Library Atrium.

Presenting knowledge discovery in an accessible yet precise and concise way is a daily challenge. Faculty members will each present the essence of a discovery in 60 seconds. The lecturers from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies include:

  • Christopher Innes, Distinguished Research Professor and Canada Research Chair in Performance & Culture;
  • Naomi Couto, Public Policy & Administration;
  • Sophie Bury, business librarian in the Peter F. Bronfman Business Library, Schulich School of Business;
  • Lisa Sloniowski, English literature librarian, Scott Library;
  • George Georgopoulos, Economics;
  • Marie-Helene Budworth, Human Resource Management;
  • Luin Goldring, Sociology;
  • Alison Kemper, Administrative Studies;
  • William Wicken, History;
  • Philipp Angermeyer, Languages, Literatures & Linguistics
  • Sean Kheraj, History
  • Niru Nirupama, Administrative Studies
  • Sotirios Liaskos, Information Technology

Wednesday's lunch session in the Senate Chamber features conversations led by Wade Rowland (Communications Studies) with four York professors, titled "Up Close and Personal: Different Research Journeys". Professors George Fallis (Economics and Social Science), William Wicken (History), Darryl Reed (Social Science) and Ananya Mukherjee-Reed (Political Science) will talk about why they chose to become academics and share lessons learned from setbacks and successes in their personal research journeys. After the conversations, student researchers from the Student Council of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies will ask the scholars questions on what they would love to know but did not have the chance to ask before.

In Thursday's final session, in Room 956, York Research Tower, another group from Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies will take part in an interdisciplinary panel discussion titled, "Do the Right Thing: Self-interest vs. Societal Interest". Panel members include:

  • Uzo Anucha, Social Work;
  • Kym Bird, English;
  • Tom Cohen, History & Humanities;
  • Paul Grayson, Sociology;
  • Richard Wellen, Social Science;
  • Brenda Spotton Visano, Economics, Public Policy & Administration

All are welcome. For more information, visit the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies research website.

Republished courtesy of YFile– York University’s daily e-bulletin.