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Awards and Past Winners

Our department offers a variety of awards for undergraduate students. The awards listed below that are labelled with [$]) come with a monetary prize, funded through an endowment. The amount varies from year to year, but in recent years, the money awarded has been about $800-$2000. There is no application procedure for the awards listed below. The recipients are chosen by the Department on merit.

For other possible awards see award search.

Ray and Joe Abramson Award: for an entering student with extracurricular involvement in a math-related club or activity; or an outstanding first year student. This award is a bursary.

[$] George & Frances Denzel Award for Excellence in Statistics: to a 4th year or graduate level student in statistics, who is judged to be academically deserving. This award is a bursary.

[$] Linda Herskowitz Award: to an undergraduate student, majoring in Mathematics and/or Statistics, who has a minimum cumulative grade point average of B with community service. Preference will be given to a female student. This award is a bursary.

[$] Abe Karrass/Donald Solitar Mathematics Award: for an outstanding student majoring in Mathematics with plans to teach mathematics. Note: the recipient need not be in a math education program. This award is a bursary.

Irvine R. Pounder Award: to the student judged to be the best in each year level.

[$] Moshe Shimrat Prize: for demonstrated ability in mathematical problem-solving.

[$] Alice Turner Award: to outstanding Mathematics students who are third-year and fourth-year degree candidates.

[$] George R. & Mary L. Wallace Award: to an outstanding student in the Actuarial Science, Operation Research and Applied Mathematics.

[$] Emerson Vincent Sauder Award: to an outstanding undergraduate student majoring in mathematics or statistics.

Past Winners

2021-22: not awarded
2018-19: not awarded
2017-18: Maria Mehmood
2016-17: not awarded
2015-16: Emilie Miranda and Jiyu Wang
2014-15: not awarded
2013-14: Stanislav Balchev, Bernardo Cordonna, Emerson Sauder

2021-22: My Luu
2018-19: Gabriela Martinez Gonzalez
2017-18: Kevin Joseph
2016-17: not awarded
2015-16: Rui Liang
2014-15: Stephen Lidderdale
2013-14: Yanhua Tian

2021-22: Ivy Osei, Monica Rando
2018-19: Breanna Charboneau, Maria Mehmood
2017-18: not awarded
2016-17: not awarded
2015-16: Vima Villalba
2014-15: Japjeet Toor
2013-14: Warnakula Ushieju De Zoysa Senaratne

2021-22: Denise Munsayac, Ranjanathan, Thuvaaraga, Joe Tran, Alessia Trombetta
2020-21: Aminah Raza Khan
2018-19: Hala Zain Di Hassan
2017-18: Taran Singh Nijjar
2016-17: Megan Kim
2015-16: Terrance Troy
2014-15: Nathan Gold, Maryem Mesrop
2013-14: Gary Kaplun

2021-22: Joshua Levine (1st year), Olivia Lunin (2nd year), Jung Guo (3rd year), My Luu (4th year)
2018-19: Ruijie Zhang (1st year), Ali Raeisdanaei (2nd year), Ziqing Wang (3rd year), Jiyu Wang (4th year)
2017-18: Jiayi Li (1st year), Jiyu Wang (3rd year), Xiang Li (4th year)
2016-17: Jacob Karon (1st year), Jordan Teitelbaum (2nd year), Chi Zhang (3rd year), Stanislav Balchev (4th year)
2015-16: Megan Kim (1st year), Ling Lin (2nd year), Vadim Semenikhine (3rd year) Stanislav Balchev (4th year)
2014-15: Ziyin Guo (1st year), Zhe Li (2nd year), Stanislav Balchev (3rd year), Nathan Gold (4th year)
2013-14: Satchal Aminuddin (1st year), Justin Kim (2nd year), Japjeet Toor (3rd year), Pavel Shuldiner (4th year)

2021-22: Xavier Mootoo
2018-19: Xiaoyu Bai
2017-18: Jordan Teitlebaum
2016-17: Yixin Chen
2015-16: Stanislav Balchev
2014-15: Stanislav Balchev, Danny Tshitumbu
2013-14: Justin Kim

2021-22: Jeffrey Marshall-Milne, Matthew Tsang
2018-19: Jiyu Wang
2017-18: Andi Qian
2016-17: Stanislav Balchev, Justin Kim
2015-16: Keegan Barbosa

2021-22: Emmanuella Sowah (Actuarial Science), Leonard Buglak (Actuarial Science), Rakan Omar (Operation Research), Tamara Kostyuk (Applied Mathematics)
2018-19: Guanfu Qiao (Actuarial Science), Gina Nicole Faraz Rabbah (Applied Mathematics)
2017-18: Divya Chaturvedi (Actuarial Science), Jiyu Wang (Applied Mathematics)
2016-17: Michael Meckler (Actuarial Science), Luqi Zhang ( Actuarial Science), Ling Lin (Operations Research)
2015-16: Zach Axelrod (Actuarial Science), Vadim Semenikhine (Actuarial Science)
2014-15: Tayla Ginszurg (Actuarial Mathematics), Rasha Lawrence (Operations Research), Issac Bendel (Applied Math), Kosal Chhin (Applied Mathematics)
2013-14: Michael Gimelfarb (Actuarial Mathematics), Iain Page (Actuarial Mathematics)

2021-22: Kyoung Jae Seo
2018-19: Jiayi Li
2017-18: Ziqing Wang
2016-17: Jiyu Wang