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Faculty and Instructor Profiles

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science is home to faculty known for teaching and research excellence in an array of subjects of key importance at York University.

Explore the depth, breadth of research and knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics through our faculty profiles. The profiles provide information on professors’ past and present research and academic expertise, as well as contact information. Take a closer look at their expertise below and contact our Department of Mathematics and Statistics if you have questions.


Name Research Area Title Contact Information
Bergeron, Nantel Algebra, Algebraic Combinatorics Professor, TEL/DB 2029
Cao, Jingyi Actuarial Science Assistant Professor, TEL/DB 2031
Chan, Ada Algebraic Combinatorics Associate Professor, N517 Ross, x66091
Chen, Michael Optimization Associate Professor, Financial Engineering Coordinator, TEL/DB 2034, x66677
Chow, Amenda Applied Mathematics Associate Professor, S620 Ross, x33902
Diaz-Rodriguez, Jairo Statistics Assistant Professor, N637 Ross
Farah, Ilijas Set Theory, Logic, Operator Algebra Professor, N515 Ross, x66093
Fu, Yuejiao (Cindy) Statistics Associate Professor, Statistics Director, N633 Ross, x33772
Furman, Edward Actuarial Science Professor, Actuarial Science Coordinator, TEL/DB 2033
Gao, Xin Statistics Professor, N623 Ross, x66097
Gao, Yun Algebra Professor, S624 Ross, x33952
Gibson, Peter Analysis Professor, Ross S626, x33930
Grigull, Jorg Biomathematics Associate Professor, LSB 427D, x33719
Haslam, Michael Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing Associate Professor, Applied Math Director, S621 Ross, x44645
Heffernan, Jane Biomathematics, Disease Modeling Professor, N615 Ross, x33943
Huang, Huaxiong Mathematical Modeling, Scientific Computing Professor, on leave
Ingram, Patrick Pure Mathematics Associate Professor, S615 Ross, x33788
Jankowski, Hanna Statistics Professor, TEL/DB 2038
Janse van Rensburg, EJ Statistical Mechanics Professor, Petrie 215, x33837
Kong, Jude Mathematical Biology Assistant Professor, N533 Ross, x66093
Ku, Hyejin Mathematical Finance Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Associate Chair, N505 Ross, x66087
Kuznetsov, Alexey Stochastic Processes, Math Finance Professor, N628 Ross
Liang, Dong Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing Professor, 225 Petrie, x77743
Liu, Wei Statistics Associate Professor, N601B Ross, x33767
Lumley, Alyssa Pure Mathematics Assistant Professor S508 Ross
Madras, Neal Probability Theory, Mathematical Modeling Professor, S616 Ross
McEachern, Andrew Applied Mathematics Assistant Professor, N503 Ross, x33973
McGregor, Kevin Statistics Assistant Professor, N636 Ross
Moghadas, Seyed Computational Epidemiology and Immunology Professor, Graduate Programme Director, S619 Ross, x33798
Monette, Georges Statistics Associate Professor, TEL/DB 2042
Motakis, Pavlos Functional Analysis Assistant Professor, S618 Ross
Moyles, Iain Applied and Industrial Mathematics Assistant Professor, S519 Ross, x33994
Poliakov, Igor Applied Mathematics Sessional Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, x33960, Ross S511
Purzitsky, Norm Marked Riemann Surfaces Associate Professor, N606 Ross, x33932
Ramsay, Kelly Inference for Functional Data, Differential Privacy, Robust and Nonparametric Methods Assistant Professor S511A Ross
Salisbury, Tom Probability Theory, Math Finance Professor, N621A Ross, x33921
Sargent, Pam Mathematics Education Assistant Professor, N617 Ross
Skelton, Andrew Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education Assistant Professor, Math for Education Coordinator, BC 210, x33942
Skoufranis, Paul Operator Theory, Free Probability, Operator Algebras Associate Professor, S625 Ross, x66088
Steprans, Juris Set Theory Professor, N506 Ross, X33339
Szeptycki, Paul Set-Theoretic Topology, Set Theory Professor, N634 Ross
Tholen, Walter Category Theory Professor Emeritus, N605 Ross
Wang, Steven Statistics Professor, N625 Ross, x33938
Watson, Stephen Mathematical Economics Professor, Chair, N513 Ross
Weiss, Asia Ivic Geometry Professor, Pure Mathematics Director, N621B Ross
Woldegerima, Woldegebriel Assefa Biomathematics, Differential Equations Assistant Professor, S614 Ross
Wong, Augustine Statistics Professor, TEL/DB 2041, X33497
Wong, Man Wah Analysis, Partial Differential Equations Professor, N626 Ross
Wu, Jianhong Biomathematics Professor, N609 Ross
Wu, Yuehua (Amy) Statistics Professor, TEL/DB 2036
Yang, Jihyeon Jessie Algebra, Geometry, and Representation Theory Assistant Professor, S516 Ross
Zabrocki, Mike Algebraic Combinatorics Professor, TEL/DB 2026, x33545
Zhu, Hongmei Numerical Analysis Associate Professor, Petrie 214, x55493
Zhu, Huaiping Dynamical System, Differential Equations Professor, Mathematical Biology Coordinator, N618 Ross, x66095


NameContact information
ALCANTARA, David Meza, N534 Ross
ALI, Afsar, N536 Ross
ARUFFO,, S518 Ross
ATHAR,, S508 Ross
CHAWLA,, Ross S511A
CHAN,, N518 Ross
CHAN,, N610 Ross
DICK,, N530 Ross
GHASEMI,, S511A Ross
GHOLAMI,, N528 Ross
ISLAMI,, N534 Ross
KOROSEC,, N530 Ross
LA CROIX,, S622 Ross
MAY,, x44202, TEL/DB 1033,
MELLO,, N502 Ross
MICHKINE,, S514 Ross
MORENZ,, Ross N502
NIKA,, N602 Ross
NEJAH, Amir, N605 Ross
PEYGHAMI, M., N602 Ross
RAGHAVAN, Dilip, S622 Ross
RAGUIMOV,, x66092, Ross S512
RAHMATI,, N518 Ross
TIAN,, S508 Ross
YUAN,, S518 Ross
ZAMAN, Saiful, N536 Ross