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Undergraduate Programs

We offer six undergraduate programs for you to choose from. During the first year all students take the same courses which gives you the time to decide what you really like. It's easy to switch from one program to the other if you change your mind.

Our Programs

Actuarial Science (BA)

Actuaries study the present monetary value of future obligations as well as the variability of these present values in the contexts of life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, pension funds and social wealth-fare programs.

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Applied Mathematics (BSc/BA)

Applied mathematics teaches you the skills to be a well rounded applied mathematician who can provide that multidisciplinary expertise, with an in-depth knowledge of both the application area and the underlying mathematical principles required to tackle difficult problems of practical interest.

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Mathematical Biology (BSc)

Mathematical biology, a program in the field of applied mathematics, aims to represent biological processes using a variety of mathematical tools and techniques.

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Mathematics (BSc/BA)

Providing a solid foundation in pure mathematics, the Mathematics program is an excellent choice for students wishing to pursue advanced degrees in the sciences, as well as for students who enjoy abstract reasoning and aspire to intellectual rigour. 

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Mathematics for Education (BSc/BA)

In our Mathematics for Education program, students have the opportunity to learn mathematics, and also to explore various pedagogical aspects of teaching and learning mathematics.

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Statistics (BSc/BA)

Statistics is the exciting science of extracting value out of data. Statisticians work in virtually all fields. You can use your degree to help combat climate change or to help develop better medicines, even to understand the nature of our universe.

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