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Undergraduate Programs

We offer a variety of undergraduate programs for you to choose from. In first year all students take the same courses which gives you the time to decide what you really like. It's easy to switch from one program to the other if you change your mind.

You can do an honours degree in any of our programs. Or, with a few more courses, you can do a specialized honours degree. If you are interested in two different programs, you can meet the requirements of both, and do a double major. Or you can do a major in one subject and a minor in another. We also offer a three year degree in applied math. If you can't find the program you want, contact us!

Actuarial Science (BA)

Actuaries study the present monetary value of future obligations as well as the variability of these present values in the contexts of life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, pension funds and social wealth-fare programs.

Learn about our Actuarial Science program and the Professional Certificate in Actuarial Science

Applied Mathematics (BSc/BA)

Learn the techniques and language of mathematics and become familiar with applications in other fields. Create mathematical models - the key tool for solving real-world problems. Learn techniques in analysis, simulation, and data science. Make informed recommendations in areas like scientific computing, disease modeling, and finance.

Learn about our Applied Mathematics program and the Canadian Operational Research Society Diploma

Data Science (BSc/BA)

Data Science is an exciting new field that uses computing and mathematical and statistical reasoning to extract knowledge and insights from data. Data Science is interdisciplinary because it also draws from domain knowledge, where that domain might be business, economics, biology, astronomy, marketing, health, and many others. The program is designed to prepare students to obtain meaningful employment in data science related positions, whether in private, public, or non-profit organizations.   

Learn about our Data Science program

Mathematical Biology (BSc)

Represent biological processes using mathematical tools and techniques. Learn experimental methods, data analysis, mathematical modelling, writing computer programs, and specific software applications.

Learn about our Mathematical Biology program

(Pure) Mathematics (BSc/BA)

Study the beauty of mathematics through the language of abstraction and reasoning. Build skills in mathematical reasoning and techniques. Learn the conceptual foundations for cryptography, computer science, mathematical physics, economics, machine learning, financial engineering, and more.

Learn about our Pure Mathematics program

Mathematics for Education (BSc/BA)

Combine mathematics and education to develop a wide perspective on the teaching and learning of mathematics. Become well prepared for a rewarding career in mathematics education and find yourself in demand in a market with an ongoing shortage of qualified mathematics teachers.

Learn about out Mathematics for Education program

Statistics (BSc/BA)

Statisticians extract value out of data and work in virtually all fields. Use your degree to help combat climate change, help develop better medicines, or understand the nature of our universe.

Learn about our Statistics program