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(Pure) Mathematics

Providing a solid foundation in pure mathematics, the Mathematics program is an excellent choice for students wishing to pursue advanced degrees in the sciences, as well as for students who enjoy abstract reasoning and aspire to intellectual rigour. The program guides students through subject areas that underpin the most powerful methods in abstract and quantitative reasoning: linear algebra, group theory, number theory, calculus and analysis, and computing.

A way to visualize data constructed by one of our doctoral math students.

Degrees Offered:
Specialized Honours Major (BA or BSc)
Honours Major (BA or BSc)
Honours Minor (BA or BSc)

A hypercube used in Professor Ada Chan's research.

Outlook: An Honours BA or BSc in Mathematics is highly valued by employers in a range of industries, including finance, data management and analysis, communications, computing and the tech sector, environmental science, and scientific research generally. In 2014 CareerCast and the Wall Street Journal ranked mathematician as the single best job among 200 alternatives. As various scientific disciplines---such as physics, biology and climate science---become progressively more mathematical and quantitative, a degree in Mathematics provides a clear advantage to students wishing to pursue advance degrees in these disciplines. Moreover, mathematics is essential to an understanding of the information and communication technology that has an ever increasing presence in our daily lives.

Courses:  An Honours program takes 4 years. The Specialized Honours degree requires more Math/Stats courses. A Major can be combined with another Major or Minor, but it doesn't have to be. A Minor must be combined with a Major degree. For a BA, you also take courses such as psychology or economics. For a BSc, you also take courses such as physics, earth and atmospheric science, biology, or computer science.
Please see the program requirements below. Courses in first year are the same for all Math/Stats programs, so you have time to decide! For course offerings this year, see the course listings.

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How to apply: Convinced? Get more information about applying and read through our admission requirements.

Recommended course enrollment schedules for (Pure) Mathematics students:

  • LE/EECS 1560 3.0;
  • SC/MATH 1021 3.0; SC/MATH 1300 3.0; SC/MATH 1310 3.0; SC/MATH 2022 3.0; SC/MATH 2310 3.0;
  • three credits chosen from SC/MATH 1019 3.0; SC/MATH 1090 3.0; SC/MATH 1190 3.0; SC/MATH 1200 3.0; SC/MATH 2030 3.0;
  • twelve additional MATH credits at 3000-level or higher.

There are three parts to your degree requirements:

  1. University-Wide Residency Requirement
  2. Faculty-Wide Degree Requirements
    • B.A.: General Education and Outside-major
    • B.Sc.: Foundational Science, Science outside-major and Non-science
  3. Program-Specific Degree Requirements including the Math/Stat core.

Please see the York University Academic Calendar for the official requirements of your program.