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Future Students in Math & Stats @ York

We offer a variety of undergraduate programs for you to choose from in a variety of fields including: Actuarial Science, Applied and Pure Mathematics, Data Science, Statistics, Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Education. You can also learn more about our programs here. In their first year, all students within our programs take the same courses which gives you the time to decide what you really like, and you can easily switch from one program to another if you change your mind early on.

If you choose one of our programs, in your first year you will take the following courses: two calculus 3-credit courses called MATH 1300 and MATH 1310; one algebra 3-credit course called MATH 1021; a mathematics education 3-credit course called MATH 1200 where you will learn how to make formal mathematical arguments; one statistics 3-credit course called MATH 1131, and one 3-credit course in computing called EECS 1560. In addition, you will need to take four more 3-credit courses of your choosing. These additional courses depend on what program you are in, whether you have chosen a BA or BSc degree, and of course what your interests are.

The first year of university is a big transition for many students. Please have a look at the Faculty of Science 9 steps for new students to ensure you have a smooth start to your first year in York Science.

Before starting at York, you will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one academic counselling to decide exactly what courses you want to and need to take in your first year. The academic counselling is called your "Enrolment Appointment" and you can find more information on how to book it here. Courses fill up on a first-come-first-served basis, so don't delay!

Most of our programs can either be completed as part of a BA or a BSc degree. BA stands for Bachelor of Arts and BSc stands for Bachelor of Science. The difference between the two is in the type of elective courses you must take. In the BA program, you take electives in areas like economics, humanities, social sciences, or philosophy. In the BSc program, you take electives in areas like astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science or physics.

You can learn more about specific program requirements here. Simply input the program you are interested in into the search bar in the link.

Yes, you can see more about our language requirements here. If you do not meet these requirements, you can still get a conditional admittance through the YUBridge program. 

The Science Summer Transition Program complements your final year high-school courses while bridging your learning into first year university. Find out more here. There is a small initial cost, but for new students that successfully complete the program, the registration fee will be fully refunded. Students who participated in the Science Summer Transition Program in previous years reported that all modules increased their preparedness for University and between 89-100% of students would recommend the modules to friends.

Find out about the latest newest for our prospective and future students by joining our department discord server.

Our Math students in their exploring geometries course.