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Science Summer Transition Program

Transition to University Success: Create a Confident Start for Fall 2023

To help our students feel more confident about starting university this fall, we have developed the York Science Summer Transition Program, a series of Essentials in Science, Math, and our University Transition modules, which will run in Summer 2023The program will complement a student's final year high-school courses while bridging your learning into first year university.

Students who participated in the Science Summer Transition Program reported that all modules increased their preparedness for University and between 89-100% of students would recommend the modules to friends.

Group of female students looking at shared computer.

We were able to learn without any pressure and really engage with the content. The professor explained everything well and was very understanding of each student's unique background knowledge.

Science Summer Transition Program 2021

Module Offerings

Registration is open to all students who have been admitted to and will enroll in, York University as a degree student this Fall 2023.

The Essentials in Science, Math, and University Transition modules will help you sharpen the knowledge required for first year university study in the following topics:

  • Biology – classes run from: TBD
  • Chemistry – classes run from: TBD
  • Math – classes run from: TBD 
  • Physics – classes run from: TBD
  • The University Experience – classes run from: TBD

Taught by full-time York University instructors, each five-week summer module course (SMC) covers core material in that subject. The fifth module, “The University Experience” will offer strategies for success at university. Students will have the opportunity to discuss material and chat with their future university classmates, as well as gain a feel for the university class experience.

Please note that these modules will not take the place of grade 12 courses in those subjects. These modules are meant to help consolidate students’ knowledge from their grade 12 classes in preparation for university level study.

Delivered online, the York Science Summer Transition Program will include at least three hours of live discussion each week with instructors. Students will receive practice assignments and quizzes to provide students with immediate feedback on how they’re doing.

The modules are non-credit university readiness courses but none of the modules will be included on your university record. The point of the program is for you to consolidate your learning and feel confident in understanding your strengths and areas of focus.

Students can enroll in an individual module or as a comprehensive group of modules that work together to help you transition to a successful university start. They are scheduled so that no live sessions will overlap, allowing you to attend all sessions or just the few that you have chosen.

The initial cost for each module will be $57.60 but as long as you attend 80% of the sessions and start classes at York University in September, we will refund the entire $57.60 to your original method of payment.

If you are interested in enrolling in these modules but are not attending York University in Fall 2023, please visit our information page for the wider community (non-York students). If you are attending York this fall, please remain on this page to register. 

Want to learn about other supports for starting university? Click here to find out more about York’s YU Prep for newly admitted students.

There were a lot of fun lecture activities and interactive games we played during this course. This created a more enjoyable experience when reviewing concepts and made me feel more welcomed by the York community.

Science Summer Transition Program 2021

Group of students working on their computers.


Yes, the modules are free as long as you attend 80% of the sessions and start classes at York University in September. Although we charge an initial fee, we will refund the entire $57.60 to your credit card in September. However, if this will cause a significant hardship for you to enrol, please contact the Assistant Dean, Strategic Enrolment Management and Science Engagement Programs at so we can arrange an alternative for you.

We all know that to make the most of your university experience you need to have studied, worked hard, and committed to learning the content taught in your high school courses. However, we also know that confidence in your preparation is also important. We want you to feel confident in your ability to succeed at university. We hope that these courses will help students feel surer about starting their program and, perhaps, fill in some of the knowledge gaps they discover.

You can enroll in any or all of the modules if:

  1. You are a domestic Canadian or international Visa student who has been admitted to York University, and;
  2. You are planning to enroll in your first year of York University studies this Fall 2023.  Please ensure that you have accepted your admission offer to York University prior to registering for the Science Summer Transition Program.

Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and The University Experience.  Each course will cover core topics that will bridge to the knowledge needed for your first year university courses in those subjects. The fifth module, “The University Experience” will discuss strategies for success in University.

Each module will be offered for a minimum of three hours per week of live face time with the instructor(s).  They will be scheduled so that if you register in all of the modules, no module times will overlap. You will be able to attend all lectures and participate in all activities. In addition to each week’s live discussion, you will receive practice assignments and quizzes in order to provide you with quick feedback on how you’re doing.

As an incoming first year York University student, the initial cost for each module will be $57.60 but as long as you successfully complete the module, the registration fee will be refunded to your original method of payment. In order to receive the refund you just need to:

a) Successfully complete the module(s). That is not a difficult goal since you just need to ensure that you have attended 80% of the course sessions and participated in each of the quizzes and activities. There is no minimum mark to achieve. The point of the Program is to give you an opportunity to fill in any knowledge gaps and build the confidence you need to start university well. You will define your own success.

b) Enrol in your York University program and start classes in September.

No. Our hope is that you will focus on whether you feel confident in your understanding of the topic. You won’t have to worry about your mark but you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, or revisit any sessions that you want to fill in any gaps in knowledge.  Upon completion of the module, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”.

  • The five-week summer modules will run during: TBD
  • The University Experience module is running during: TBD

The Science Summer Transition modules will be delivered remotely in virtual meetings.

View the minimum technical requirements needed to participate in the York Science Summer Transition Program.

Click here to view the Instructors for The Summer Transition Program.

Read detailed descriptions of the topics covered in each module.

Yes, the synchronous (real-time) lectures or components of the modules will be recorded and posted on eClass for registered students to access.

Requests made by TBD are eligible for a full refund, minus a $7.60 administration fee per participant, per module. Refunds will be given upon written notice of cancellation to No refunds will be given after the TBD deadline.

Female student studying in dorm room.

I really like how the professor connected and reviewed what we learned in high school to what we might learn in university. It helped me refresh the course content and makes me feel a bit more ready using my previous knowledge.

Science Summer Transition Program 2021