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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the systematic study of student learning with the goal of discovering what works best, in terms of both instructor and student practices. SoTL scholars adopt an empirical approach to studying teaching and learning, and disseminate their research to the greater teaching community via avenues such as conferences and publications. Teaching practices in our own department have changed - and will continue to change - based on these research findings, to the benefit of the students who take our courses.

Faculty members in our department are involved in projects such as experiential learning, the improvement of the first-year experience, curriculum development and design, open educational resources, peer mentorship and supervision, technology in the classroom, graduate student teaching training, and incoming student background preparation, all in relation to mathematics and statistics.

Faculty: Samia Challal, Amenda Chow, Andrew McEachern, Philip Morenz, Iain Moyles, Pam Sargent, Andrew Skelton, Jihyeon Jessie Yang