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Accept and Book Appointment

Accept Offer of Admission:

Accepting your offer of admission to York is the next step in becoming a York Science student. If you have not already done so, accept your offer now on MyFile. You should also read your offer of admission letter carefully, follow-up on any conditions listed in your offer of admission, and be sure to accept your offer and book your enrolment appointment by the deadlines indicated.

Need more information? Visit the Accept Our Offer of Admission webpage on the York Future Student site.

Book Enrolment Appointment:

Once you have accepted your offer, please book an enrolment appointment with the Faculty of Science’s Academic Services. You will book your appointment online. We recommend that you book and attend the earliest available appointment, as courses fill on a first-come first-registered basis, meaning the earlier you enrol the more likely you are to get your preferred timetable. If you have any difficulties with the online system, please email

How To Book Your Enrolment Appointment

  1. Log in to your MyFile account using your student number and date of birth
  2. Once on MyFile select Book/Manage My Enrolment Appointment from the menu on the left
  3. A page will then appear with more information about course enrolment
  4. At the bottom of this page, there will be a link that says Book/Manage in the advising column beside your program name, as pictured in the screenshot
  5. Click the link provided here and follow the instructions to book your enrolment appointment. If you do not see any appointment slots on the first page that appears, please use the arrow in the right-hand corner that says "Next Week" to navigate to other dates and times, do not click "Jump to First Appointment". If you are still having trouble booking an appointment, please contact

If you're still having trouble booking your enrolment appointment, watch the step-by-step video tutorial.

International & Distance Enrolment:

If you reside outside of the GTA and are unable to come to campus to attend your appointment, you will enrol through our Distance Enrolment process. You will still need to book an advising appointment online.

Please note that the “appointment booking” is not an actual appointment, it is just necessary to get the enrolment process started. After you book your appointment, the SAS advising team will begin to assess your academic history and develop a customized course plan for you.

Students in the distance enrolment group will meet via Zoom or over the phone with a dedicated student advisor. Your advisor will help you through the enrolment process and is here to answer any questions you might have about moving to Toronto and becoming a student at York.

A few weeks after you book your appointment online, your advisor will contact you via email with your recommended course plan. At that time, your advisor will also schedule your skype/phone advising time (remember the booking you make online is not a real appointment).  At your one-on-one meeting, your advisor will walk you through the process of getting enrolled.

If at any time you have questions or need clarification about the process, do not hesitate to contact your dedicated student advisor at

Unable to Attend Enrolment Appointment (Letter of Authorization):

If you are unable to attend your enrolment appointment, you can opt to have a friend or family member attend the appointment on your behalf. At York University, any information pertaining to a student’s record is considered confidential. You must provide this individual with a letter from you stating that you authorize them to act on your behalf during the enrolment and registration process. Your letter must include your name, student number, your signature, the name of the representative and a brief statement outlining what the representative may have access to and what they are allowed to do on your behalf. The individual whom you choose to attend the appointment will be selecting and enrolling you into your courses, therefore ensure that you have complete confidence in the person who will be attending the appointment on your behalf.

Representatives who do not present a letter of authorization at the time of the appointment will not be able to complete the enrolment process and will have to reschedule.

Your representative will be expected to participate in the enrolment appointment as if they are a student. If you opt to have a representative, you should discuss any academic concerns, goals, or questions that you want them to discuss with your advisor during the enrolment appointment. Your representative should also be prepared to answer questions from advisors pertaining to your course selection.