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Welcome to the home of Physics, Astronomy & Biophysics at York

At York University, we offer a broad mix of experimental, theoretical, and computational experiences in Physics, Astronomy, and Biophysics at both undergraduate (B.Sc.) and graduate (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) levels in a research-intensive environment.

Helen Freedhoff First Year Award

The Helen Freedhoff First Year Award is in memory of Dr. Helen Sarah Freedhoff. She was the first woman appointed as a physics professor at York University where she was a model citizen of her department. Eligible students will be domestic and/or international entering undergraduates, admitted to the Faculty of Science, Physics and Astronomy department (including Biophysics). Recipients of the award will receive $5000 upon full-time enrolment and $5000 after a 12-week research placement with a Faculty of Science professor during the summer following the first year of study. Please see the full award description for detailed eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Applications Open on December 1st

Student Spotlight


York students work in modern laboratories and can join research projects with leading professors.


York graduate students can study cutting-edge physics topics like dark matter and dark energy.


Professor Adam Muzzin studies the formation of galaxies. Hear his story at the link above!

Professor Chris Bergevin studies the biophysics of hearing. Learn more at the link above!