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Leadership Skills Development Workshops


Online Workshops

As part of Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD), the Leadership Program’s goal is to build and support student leadership at York University, by focusing on developing the six core leadership and career competencies outlined within the Becoming YU program. Our skills development workshops focus on increasing students’ leadership capacity, community engagement & social impact on and off campus. 

Types of Exams

What workshops are offered?

The Student Leadership Program builds & supports student leadership by focusing on developing the six core leadership & career competencies through a wide range of leadership topics.


Virtual kiosk

How do I register for a workshop?

Workshops are open to all YorkU students. All workshops are being held online until further notice.


Adapting to Studying Remotely

How do I earn a York Student Leadership Certificate?

Earn a Student Leadership Certificate by attending 8 or more leadership skills development workshops.


Current Leadership Skills Development Workshops

Workshop TitleDescriptionBecoming YU Competencies & Skills
ICE BREAKING & TEAM BUILDINGLeading a group meeting for class, or a team meeting for work? Perhaps you’re on a club or a team & don’t know where to start breaking the ice or building up your team? If you could use some help & ideas in this department, this workshop is for you.Communication: 
Facilitating groups, asking questions, verbal communication

Interpersonal Connections:
Building rapport, networking, developing relationships
DIGITAL LEADERSHIP & UNIVERSAL DESIGNWould you like to learn how to make your online service delivery accessible, effective & engaging? Would you like a chance to practice executing your own workshop design using accessibility features & engagement guidelines with real time feedback to evaluate your own service delivery skills? Attend this workshop to hone your digital leadership skills.  Communication: 
Delivering presentations, facilitating groups, active listening, exercising sensitivity. 

Interpersonal Connections:
Leading & mentoring, facilitating inclusiveness. 

Personal Success:  
Demonstrating integrity, social responsibility, embracing diversity.
PRINCIPLES OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIPInterested in learning what makes an authentic, effective leader? This workshop will explore foundational leadership principles most commonly seen as vital to success. Learn strategies to enhance your leadership capacity & put it into practice on an every day basis.Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: 
Exercising judgement, critical thinking, action planning.

Knowledge Acquisition:
Building rapport, networking, developing relationships

Facilitating groups, asking questions, verbal communication
STRATEGIC THINKING & LEADERSHIPAre you in need of leadership inspiration, or collaborative thinking? Are you looking for opportunities to connect with your team? When leading a team, you must be open to the perspectives of others. In this workshop, learn how to lead a team to work towards a common goal. Social Responsibility & Community Engagement: 
Social Consciousness, civic engagement, advocacy. 

Personal Success: 
Professionalism, adaptable to change, attention to detail. 

Interpersonal Connections: 
Collaborating, delegating, partnerships, demonstrating commitment. 
CONFLICT MANAGEMENTLearn to define conflict & how it may arise. Learn active listening skills &  the critical role you can play in effective communication, and ultimately, conflict resolution. By attending this workshop you will develop the skills necessary to identify, mediate, and resolve conflicts.Critical Thinking: 
Problem solving, exercising judgement, action planning, analyzing. 

Knowledge Acquisition:
Using specific techniques, processing information, applying frameworks. 
NEGOTIATION & LEADERSHIP: DEALING WITH DIFFICULTYIt is often said that leaders are good negotiators, but where do you begin to learn? This session will examine core frameworks and principles around negotiation and problem solving. By the end of this session, you will have a better sense of how to negotiate and build consensus on a team, all while building great relationships. Communication:
Negotiating, exercising tact, diplomacy & sensitivity, asking questions. 

Interpersonal Connections: 
Liaising, resolving conflict, building consensus, showing empathy. 
CREATIVE LEADERSHIP & FOSTERING INDIVIDUALITYAre you interested in thinking outside of the box? Perhaps you are curious about collaborating with others but don't know where to start? Your experience and personality is vital to your role as a leader. Embrace that! This session can inspire creative thinking by bridging your personal interests into your leadership role. Critical Thinking: 
Problem solving, analyzing, investigating, showing creativity & innovation. 

Personal Success: 
Diligence, strong work ethic, confidence, being flexible, ownership & accountability. 
MOTIVATION & PRODUCTIVITY: BEING PRESENT WITH YOURSELF & OTHERSExplore the relationship between motivation and productivity, and what to do when you feel either of those slipping. In this workshop, gain tools to motivate yourself and others towards achieving both short and long term goals.Personal Success: 
Positive attitude, perseverance & resilience, managing work/life balance, initiative. 

Interpersonal Connections: 
Showing empathy, motivating & inspiring. 
THE EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT LEADERA successful leader is attuned to the needs of their team. A caring leader is more effective than a dominant leader because they put the needs of others at the forefront of their team’s objectives. This workshop will teach students how to empathize appropriately with team members, become self-aware of their strengths and weakness, and implement this to improve team dynamics. Communication: 
Active listening, asking questions, influencing & persuading, exercising tact, diplomacy & sensitivity, giving feedback. 

Interpersonal Connections: 
Advising/counselling, mediating, building rapport, building consensus, collaborating, showing empathy, teaching & training, mentoring. 
FRAMING YOUR NARRATIVE AS A LEADER Would you like to learn how to effectively make a point and advocate for what you want? In this workshop, explore ways to make yourself and your points more compelling through a mix of storytelling and fact-framing. Communication: 
Writing, communicating verbally, delivering presentations, influencing, customizing communication style & content. 
Personal Success: 
Organizational skills, integrity, confidence, maintaining composure, attention to detail. 
LEADERSHIP COACHINGLeadership coaching is a powerful management tool to maximize performance both in yourself & those you are coaching. Want to learn how to better motivate your team or group & deliver specific personal & professional goals? Want to sharpen your own leadership skills? This workshop is for you.Communication: 
Facilitating groups, active listening, asking questions
Interpersonal Connections: 
Building rapport, leading & mentoring, developing/maintaining partnerships. 
Personal Success: 
Professionalism, continuous learning.