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Create a Study Space

Create a Study Space

Organize your materials

What will you need to get your work done? Compile all your course materials and supplies in your study space so that you have them nearby when needed.

Designate a space

When studying at home, it can be helpful to have a space you go to study that is separate from where you sleep or play (e.g., bed, couch). Whether you are at an actual desk, the dining room table, or in a comfortable corner; this can help you to get into the mindset of working while in your space and taking a break from thinking about schoolwork when you leave the space. If you do not have a designated space, once you’ve finished studying for the day, you can pack-up and put away your study materials to help create that division between work and play.

Create your study environment

Is your favourite study space outside of your home? If yes, what do you like best about it (e.g. seating, noise level, temperature, etc.)? Think about how you can create a similar environment at home.

Leave your study area when you take a break

During your break times, step away from your “office”, even just for a few minutes. Go into another room or take a short walk to clear your head so you can go back to studying refreshed.