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Maintain Balance

Maintain Balance

Stay in touch with friends and family

If you are living apart from your loved ones, create a plan to stay in touch. You might set-up a regular phone call with a family member or schedule a virtual dinner with friends over video conference.

Stay socially connected with YorkU and fellow students while physically apart

Do you like studying with a friend? Are you working on a group project? Take advantage of video conferencing platforms like Zoom for both studying and socializing. Many campus organizations (Colleges, clubs, peer mentoring, peer tutoring, etc.) are also hosting great events you can join online.

Talk it out

During this period of change and adjustment you may be experiencing many emotions. Find a trusted listener and talk it out. Remember, we are all in this together!

Be kind to yourself and others

Everyone’s situation for studying and working from home will be different. Your responsibilities at home, your space, and how you’re feeling that day will all impact your motivation. Practice empathy in working with others and engage in self-care activities.