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Student Organization Conference

Attend the Student Organization Conference

The Student Organization Conference, organized by SCLD is a supportive component for individuals looking to create and ratify a student organization. You will find sessions focused on supporting your organization such as connecting with important campus partners, resources and services, training and development and networking opportunities. If you are a registered organization student leader we encourage you and your team members to attend the Conference next fall 2024.

When and Where is it Happening?

  • Next Conference will be taking place Fall 2024

Who Is The Conference

  • Student leaders of registered student organizations and clubs
  • ie. Club Presidents, and club executives
  • Student College Council Executives

Why Should I Attend?

  • Learn about the various resources and services on campus that can support your club or organization
  • Receive training, development and mentorship from campus partners and other experienced organizations
  • Opportunity to connect with campus partners and network with other student organizations

Saturday October 21, 2023 Student Organization Conference Sessions

9:30AM-10:00AM EST

Join us as early as 9:30AM EST to check in and mingle with other organization executives. Ensure to register ahead of time and consider which sessions you will attend. We encourage two members of your team attend to partake in multiple sessions.

10:00AM-10:30AM EST

The conference will promptly begin at 10:00AM EST with a short Welcome before breaking out into the first concurrent sessions.

10:35AM-11:35AM EST

Foundations of a Strong Club: Diversity, Visioning, and Goal Setting If you're a newly established club, you might find this session particularly intriguing. It will offer you valuable insights on various topics, including the significance of setting goals and having a vision, effective communication with your team members, aiding your organization in strategic planning for the academic year, and fostering collaboration through dialogue with organizations that hold diverse perspectives.
Understanding Governance Structures and Best PracticesFor college and faculty council or first time executive members, this session may be valuable to you as it aims to enhance your comprehension of the following areas: deciphering and navigating constitutions for student governments and organizations, as well as gaining insights into the various structures of post-secondary governance.
Build Your Community
Through Effective Communications,
Promotions & Media
Discover diverse communication strategies to effectively inform your community about the events and initiatives organized by your student group. Additionally, gain insights into utilizing a range of tools and resources for promoting your organization and crafting a successful promotional campaign.

11:35AM-12:35PM EST

We will be offering lunch, along with a brief service fair where you can connect and network with fellow student organizations and campus partners. To help us plan accordingly and ensure there's enough food, please make sure to pre-register.

12:40PM-1:50PM EST

Fundraising and Accessing FundingAs an organization, hosting events, and launching initiatives can pose challenges without adequate funding. Join this session to explore strategies for sourcing funding to bolster your club's activities, as well as gain insights into best practices for effectively managing your club's finances.
Effective TablingTabling serves as an excellent method for member recruitment, meaningful student interactions, advocating for causes, and fostering community growth. Join this session to acquire knowledge about the tabling application process, effective tabling strategies, and the significance of upholding freedom of expression on campus.
Navigating Mental Health Resources: Clubs and Student Orgs EditionJoin the Peer Health Educator Team to learn how to support yourself and your club or organization members to:
1. De-stigmatize mental health and understand why that is important for you as a student
2. Learn about what Mental Health Services and well-being supports are available both on and off campus
3. Learn wellness strategies that explore the interconnections to all forms of health. Learn to optimize your time and energy management

2:00PM-3:30PM EST

Start to Finish Event Planning Events are an integral part of any student organization and they can sometimes be difficult to plan and execute. This session will introduce you to key campus partners who can support your Student Organization in the event planning process. You will also be provided with some resources developed by SCLD that will aid you in the successful planning of your upcoming events. If you have an idea for an event and you have questions about how to get it approved then this session is for you!

Take a peek at our Event Resource website (below) and bring any questions you have to the session!
Event Resource Website: