Funded by Canada’s Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, The Black Entrepreneurship Alliance, is a co-designed initiative by the Black Creek Community Health Centre, York University's YSpace, TD Community Engagement Centre, and Schulich ExecEd. to support Black entrepreneurs.

BEA community

We’re a Black-Led Initiative that exists to amplify and advance the next generation of Black Entrepreneurs. 

The BEA gives Black entrepreneurs and professionals access to fully funded programs and partnership so they can launch successful ventures against the challenges of systemic barriers.  

Increasing Black entrepreneurship
to curate growth and resilience

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Curating opportunities

We understand the barriers and obstacles Black entrepreneurs face, but we also recognize the purpose, creativity, and innovation these entrepreneurs' harbor. We want to show Black entrepreneurs that their goals can be reached, proven by our participants who have already marked their places within entrepreneurship, and provide a sense of community they can rely on.

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Committed to Black entrepreneurs

We are committed to supporting Black entrepreneurs, regardless of identities and abilities. Our team is devoted to developing programs that recognize the strength, optimism, and determination of Black entrepreneurs.

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Investing in resilient communities

We believe that resilient communities and positive economic growth are created by increasing Black entrepreneurship. We want to invest in communities that can reach new entrepreneurial heights by surpassing current barriers.

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Reducing inequality in business

Our mission is to reduce the inequalities that exist within entrepreneurship. We aim to provide Black entrepreneurs with the resources and tools they need to create a successful business.

Our programs

We are devoted to creating programs that aid in developing an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem to advance the Black business community, completely free of charge and collect no equity. We have taken the needs of Black entrepreneurs, young professionals, and executives into consideration when developing our programs.


For Black entrepreneurs

Product Feasibility

In partnership with York University’s YSpace, the Product Feasibility Bootcamp is a FREE 8-week virtual program designed to support Black entrepreneurs with a food or beverage product to gain validation and overall industry knowledge. Program participants gain free-of-charge access to workshops, mentors, start-up perks, a network of peers & more.

Program Duration:
October 2023 – November 2023

Investment Bootcamp

Black Entrepreneurship Alliance (BEA) in partnership with York University’s YSpace invites you to apply for the new Investment Bootcamp program to support Black founders as they navigate key stages in their startup journey with the aim of becoming investment ready. 

The Investment Bootcamp is a 4-month program designed for early-stage and capital ready, Black-led startups ready to secure funding.

Program Duration:
Sept 2023 – Feb 2024  

Business & Leadership Essentials Certificate Program

A 4-month program for Black-led In partnership with York University’s SchulichExecEd, the Certificate in Business and Leadership Essentials is a FREE virtual program designed to help both Black entrepreneurs and early-in-career professionals gain the base business knowledge and leadership skills to become effective business and community leaders. All participants who complete the program requirements will receive a physical certificate and digital badge from the prestigious Schulich Executive Education Centre.

Program Duration:
September 2023 to November 2023

Specialised streams

For Black entrepreneurs

Food Accelerator

In partnership with York University’s YSpace, A FREE five-month accelerator focused on supporting food & beverage ventures in the consumer-packaged goods space as they scale through mass retail distribution. The program provides one-on-one mentorship, customized workshops, office hours with experts, and direct connections with retailers and distributors.

Program Duration:
May 2023 – September 2023

Venture Catalyst

In partnership with York University’s YSpace, the Venture Catalyst program is designed to support early-stage Black technology ventures to develop, test, validate and refine their ideas to build a proof-of-concept. Black founders will enroll in a 6-week sprint consisting of training and mentorship sessions.

Program Duration:
October 2023 – November 2023

Our team

Photo of Bukola Adekanye
Bukola Adekanye

Agrifood Program Officer

Photo of David Kwok
David Kwok

Director, Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Photo of Judy Wong
Judy Wong

CPG Program Advisor & Leadership Coach

Photo of Kanishia Mensah
Kanishia Mensah

BEA Programs & Events Coordinator

Photo of Mary Olabanwo
Mary Olabanwo

BEA Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Photo of Nafis Ahmed
Nafis Ahmed

Associate Director of Entrepreneurship

Photo of Nunu Francisco
Nunu Francisco

BEA Program Officer

Photo of Olusegun Villasa
Olusegun Villasa

BEA Entrepreneurship Manager


The Black Entrepreneurship Alliance is run by Black Creek Community Health Centre, York University's YSpace, TD Community Engagement Centre, and Schulich ExecEd The BEA is made possible through funding from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

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