The Journals & Notebook of
 Nathan Bangs 1805-1806, 1817


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Editorial Annotations

Explanatory notes for individual journal entries appear here.

For information about early Methodism in Upper Canada and the United States, an overview of the life of Nathan Bangs, as well as a description of the conventions followed while editing these texts, please see this site's Introduction


The Upper Canadian Journals 1805-1806



Monday July 1st 1805
Thursday 4 [July]
Monday 15 [July]
Wednesday 17 [July]
Monday 30th [Monday 29 July]
Thursday August 9 1805 [Thursday 8 August]
Fryday 15 [Friday 16 August]
Tuesday 20 [August]
Monday Sept 6 [Monday 9 September]
Saturday [September] 14
Fryday Oct. 5 1805 [Friday 4 October]

Record of Hay Bay camp meeting
27 Sept to
30 Sept 1805 

     [Friday 27 September]
     [Saturday 28 September]
     [Sunday 29 September]
     [Monday 30 September]
Wednesday 10 [Wednesday 9 October]
Wednesday 24 [Wednesday 23 October]
Thursday Nov. 6 [Thursday 7 November]
Thursday 28 [November]
Monday December 9 1805
Wednesday 18 [December]
Wednesday 25 [December]
1806 Wednesday January 1st 1806
Wednesday February 6 [Wednesday 5 February]
Saturday March 1st 1806
Fryday 7th [March]
Monday 17 [March]
Monday 28th [April]

The American Notebook and Journal 1800-1817

1817 [Retrospective entry:] May 1812
[Retrospective entry:] May 1813
[Retrospective entry:] May 1816
[Retrospective entry:] January 1802
[Retrospective Entry: October 1802]
[Retrospective entry: Autumn 1800]
Jan.y. 7th 1816 [1817]
June 3rd 1817
July 4th
August 1st

Primary Sources

Links to relevant maps and passages drawn from eighteenth & nineteenth century atlases, histories and memoirs (printed and manuscript) appear here. 



Definitions of antiquated words and terms that acquired special meaning within early Methodism appear here.


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