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BeeCon 2020 Recordings

We are excited to share with you the presentations that were recorded at BeeCon 2020 through our new YouTube channel! Check out these researchers' findings:

Spencer Monckton, York University, presented "Applying Collections-based Phylogenomics to Everyone’s Favourite Vegetarian Wasps":

Jessica deHaan, Brock University, presented "The Bee-CR: Up-cycling an Old PCR Machine Gives It New Purpose as an Insect Rearing Incubator":

Keng-Lou James Hung, University of Toronto, presented "Modeling Pollinator Foraging Behavior & Pollen Carryover Causes Rank Inversions in Estimated Pollinator Importance":

Nyssa Trip, York University, presented "Examining the Canadian Public’s Awareness of Bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidae: Anthophila) Conservation":

Brendan Daisley, Western University, presented "Beneficial microbes in apiculture to reduce the need for in-hive medications":

Amanda Liczner, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, presented "Conservation Priority Areas for Canadian Bumble Bee Species Under Current and Future Climate Scenarios":

Nora Romero, York University, presented "Biology of Some Weird Beetles Parasitic on Bees in Ontario":

Lyllian Corbin, Brock University, presented "Behavioural Characterization of a Solitary Bivoltine Sweat Bee, Lasioglossum (Dialictus) ellisiae, From an Ancestrally Eusocial Subgenus":

D. Susan Willis Chan, University of Guelph, presented "Details of Provisioning Behaviour by the Hoary Squash Bee (Eucera (Peponapis) pruinosa) on Cultivated Cucurbita":

Victoria MacPhail, York University, presented "Community Science Adds to Our Knowledge About Bumble Bee (Apidae: Bombus) Distribution, Status, & Natural History Information: A comparison of the Bumble Bee Watch Program to a Database of North American Researcher-Collected Records":