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BeeBST - Bee Biogeography and Systematics Talks

What is BeeBST?

Bee Biogeography and Systematics Talks (BeeBST) is a series of monthly webinars on bee systematics, taxonomy and biogeography. It is aimed at a general audience of people interested in bees and pollinators, and especially with those interested in bee classification and biogeography.

The taxonomy of giant honey bees, biogeography of bumble bees, cleptoparasitic nomandine bees, Anthophorinae, the adaptive radiation of the western honey bee, mining bees, integrating fossil evidence, floral associations in Eucerine bees... and we are just getting started!

  • Please see the list below for the most current information and links to register for each event 

Talks will generally be held at 11:00am (EST) on the last Wednesday of each month. We are hoping that many of the talks will be recorded and made available on the Centre for Bee Ecology, Evolution and Conservation’s YouTube channel, so please subscribe to stay up-to-date!

If you would like to add your name to the list of potential speakers for 2023 or 2024 please contact Laurence Packer at

We hope the series will continue indefinitely...

Upcoming Events in the Bee Biogeography and Systematics Talks series:

(completed events and any associated recordings are listed at the bottom of the page)

TBD, 2023 @ 11am EST


TBD - We're taking a break for the summer but hope to return in Fall 2023

Registration links will be posted when talks are scheduled.

Stay tuned for more events in the Bee Biogeography and Systematics Talks series...

Past events are listed below and linked to the YouTube Recording (as available)

January 2023

"Resolving outstanding alpha taxonomic problems in Old World Andrena" with Dr. Thomas Wood, January 25, 2023

February 2023

"Global patterns of bee diversity" with Dr. John Ascher, February 22, 2023

March 2023

"Phylogenomics and the evolution of secondary phytophagy in apoid wasps and bees" - Dr. Manuela Sann, with Sima Alkilani and Luisa Tim, March 29, 2023

April 2023

"The ecology and evolution of squash bees and how humans have influenced their recent history" - Dr. Margarita M. López-Uribe, April 26, 2023 **No Recording Available**

May 2023

"Unveiling the bees of Cerrado in the track of oil collecting bees of the tribe Tapinotaspidini" - Dr. Antonio Aguiar, May 31, 2023

June 2023

"Phylogenetics, biogeography, and the evolution of parasitism in cuckoo bees (Nomadinae)" - Dr. Trevor Sless, June 28, 2023 ** the recording may be made available upon publication of the research

January 2022

"Diversity Within the Giant Honey Bees (Apis, subgenus Megapis)" with Dr. Gard Otis and Nyaton Kitnya - January 26, 2022

February 2022

"When Did Bumblebees Arrive in South America?" with Dr. Paul Williams - February 23, 2022

March 2022

"Phylogeny and Biogeography of Cleptoparasitic Nomadine Bees: Epeolini and Nomada" with Katherine Odanaka and Dr. Thomas Onuferko - March 30, 2022

April 2022

"The Biology and Evolution of the Subfamily Anthophorinae (Apidae)" with Dr. Michael Orr - April 27, 2022

May 2022

"The Evolution and Adaptive Radiation of the Western Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)" with Kathleen Dogantzis - May 25, 2022

June 2022

"The Mining Bee Family (Andrenidae): Phylogeny, Taxonomy, Diversification and Biogeography" Dr. Silas Bossert & Dr. Gideon Pisanty - June 29, 2022

July 2022

"Integrating phylogenomic and fossil evidence to interpret early bee biogeography" with Dr. Eduardo Almeida - July 27, 2022.

August 2022

"Systematics, Biogeographical History, and Evolution of Floral Associations in Eucerine Bees". This video from August 31, 2022 features the slides and discussion related to Dr. Dorchini's portion of the presentation; Dr. Feritas' will be posted in the future after his results have been published.

September 2022

"Recent advances in Lasioglossum Systematics: Phylogeny, Taxonomy, and Classification" with Dr. Jason Gibbs & Joel Gardner - September 28, 2022.

October 2022

"Phylogeny, ecology and biogeography of melittid bees" with Dr. Denis Michez, October 26th, 2022.

November 2022

"Bees from North to South" with Dr. Claus Rasmussen, November 30, 2022.

December 2022

There was no presentation in December 2022.