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Future Grad Students

Grad student openings at YorkU

MSc - Packer Lab

Dr. Packer is looking for grad students interested in conducting research in taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of the Apoidea.

Contact Dr. Packer

MSc / PhD - Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Heffernan is looking for grad students who have research questions about mathematical modelling for bees.

Contact Dr. Heffernan

MSc / PhD - Zayed Lab

Dr. Zayed is looking for grad students interested in honey bee evolution, spatial ecology, genomics & health, evolution of social behaviour and conservation genomics of native bees.

Contact Dr. Zayed

The Rehan Lab

Dr. Rehan is looking for a lab manager, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Read more about Dr. Rehan's research and contact her for more information!

Contact Dr. Rehan

Students working in relevant fields are encouraged to apply for Graduate Associate status with the Centre for Bee Ecology, Evolution and Conservation.

Learn more about our Associates

Graduate Programs at YorkU

The Centre for Bee Ecology, Evolution and Conservation spans multiple Faculties at York University. Check out the different program options below:

Graduate Program in Biology (MSc & PhD)

Application Deadline: 2022-01-15

Research in the Biology graduate program includes the three key areas of:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Animal and Plant Physiology
  • Ecology and Evolution

Graduate Program in Environmental Studies (MES & PhD)

Application Deadline: 2022-01-15

With 50 years of experience in graduate education and a profound commitment to environmental and social justice, the Graduate Program in Environmental Studies contributes to solving some of the most pressing socio-environmental issues of our times. The Faculty prides itself on an interdisciplinary research approach to intertwined social, cultural, ecological, economic and political issues.

Scholarships & Awards

Check out resources for students at the Faculty of Graduate Studies