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Youth Well-being Toolkit

More Than Marks Tutoring and Oakville Arts Studio, Inc.

Project Summary

Depression and isolation amongst youth have been serious problems in educational settings for over a decade. Our challenge was to find ways to increase positive social relations between pre-high school youth. Using an assets-based strategy and community development practices, we built a digital toolkit for youth ages 9 to 14. Our toolkit, “Empowering Youth: A Mental Well-Being Toolkit for Educational Settings,” helps reinforce the values that stem from positive social relations, mental health, and well-being as well as open channels of communication between youth and educators. Our toolkit focuses on introducing students to activities that build their self-awareness in recognizing and understanding their unique emotional patterns and how these relate to those around them. Our toolkit can be used by those who work in community-based organizations, recreational programs, schools, and after-school programs, etc. We wish to create a foundation of resilience so youth are better prepared for their future.

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