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Jane Finch Community Research Partnership

The Jane Finch Community Research Partnership was created in 2016 as a result of ongoing engagement between members of the Jane Finch community and York University faculty and librarians. Our goal is to improve research relationships that have existed and continue to exist between the Black Creek/Jane Finch community, York University, and other academic institutions. Our work has been focused on creating a community procedure for reviewing and approving research in the Jane Finch community, establishing a Jane Finch Research Collection to make research results more readily accessible for Community members, and developing informational resources for researchers looking to conduct research in the community.

The Jane Finch Community Research partnership is made up of community residents, non-profit organizations, and York University partners.

Member of the Jane Finch Research Partnership, Sam Tecle is speaking to a seated audience of about 20 people.
2016 Research Symposium

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For the latest opportunities and resources, we recommend checking out the Jane Finch Community Research Partnership's Website